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Dash starts a new test phase and promises to "drastically improve" its characteristics.



The company responsible for the cryptocurrency, Dash Core Group, announced on Monday, December 30, the launch of its first test phase. Dash Platform is a network update that promises to dramatically improve its capabilities by adding decentralized application support and providing tools for a crypto-style Venmo (mobile payment service) wallet.

According to Dash Core Group marketing director Fernando Gutiérrez, the development of applications in the Dash network dramatically improves the user experience and functionality offered. And I add:

"As much as everyone in the Crypto community likes to discard traditional centralized financial tools, they still do things that cryptocurrencies can't do."

Dash Platform will be launched in Evonet, the public test environment for the Dash Evolution company features.

The statement explains that the update will begin with a decentralized storage level in addition to a name service that will provide a basis for user names, user profiles and readable contact requests for crypto wallets.

Registration of data contracts with decentralized API

Dash reports that from the storage platform, application developers will be able to create and register data contracts using the Dash decentralized API. In addition, they can store metadata as identities and usernames. This will set the stage for the crypto version of Venmo.

"Dash will soon be able to provide users with features such as usernames, easy payment requests and easy-to-use wallet confirmations, payment attachments, loyalty programs and recurring payments," Gutierrez said.

The announcement also details that development kits are developer friendly, as they are written in Objective-C, Java and Javascript, and are compatible with the Ethereum and EOS blockchain.


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