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Farmers warn of the consequences of Brexit | TIME ONLINE



Britain's exit from the EU could have serious consequences for Germany's farmers, according to the German Farmers' Association. The reason is that Great Britain only around 60 percent of it
Produces food itself and imports many products from Germany.
Exported according to the Vice President of the German Farmers' Association Walter Heidl
Germany annually produces and leads agricultural goods worth 4.5 billion euros
British products only worth 1.3 billion euros. "The
Trade surplus is 3.2 billion euros. Such a big one
Germany has no agricultural trade surplus with any other trading partner ",
said Heidl.

Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas expects a soft United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum a decrease in the surplus
by a fifth in the event of a hard Brexit
a halving. "We have to achieve the consequences for the British
Consumer and for German agriculture cushioned by trade agreements
Vice President Heidl said. According to the British Prime Minister's Brexit agreement
Boris Johnson will be negotiated by the end of 2020.

But not just high ones duties in a hard Brexit, but also the customs and veterinary controls in one
soft Brexit would export
strain. "The Brexit complicates
trade and new costs arise. That costs everyone involved time and
Money, "said Heidl. All of the trade barriers to Brexit were
Food, especially pork and poultry, but also milk, beef
and cereal products.

Brexit could cause prices to drop

According to Heidl, a fall in prices is an indirect effect of Brexit. Because others
EU countries would no longer be able to export to the UK as before
they offer their products in the EU internal market. "The Brexit will lead to products from other countries on the
the rest of the European market that have so far come to the UK
are, "said the farmers' association vice president. The consequences are
Displacement competition and mass pressure. "And volume pressure always creates too
Price pressure, "said Heidl.

For Irish goods, especially butter and beef, consumers would
and have been feeling consumers for a good year. Both products are – too
financed by EU funds to open up new trade routes on the
Internal market – very cheap to have in supermarkets for months. In
Expectation of a Brexit
Irish companies have long been looking for other markets.

with regard to beef, the possible conclusion of a
bilateral trade agreement between the EU and the South American Mercosur countries
burden the market, said farmers' association vice president Heidl.

distortions are also to be feared in the milk market. Especially the EU cheese market
will feel the effects as Britain is a net importer. German
Dairies exported tens of thousands of tons of cheese, yogurt and others every year
Dairy products on the island. Grain is also an important export good: it works
for exports of around 620 million euros. The British would also become German
Baked goods love and carry bread, waffles or cookies worth a good 370
Million euros. German beer worth 35 million euros is also produced annually
exported to the UK.

Great Britain is no longer a donor in the EU

Another Brexit consequence is that Great Britain is no longer a donor in the EU.
"The country was previously a net contributor to the European budget. The others
Member States now have to provide significantly more funds, "said Heidl.
That was a topic of the negotiations on the common agricultural policy, their
Graduation could drag on until 2022 or 2023. There would be cuts in
Agricultural subsidies for German farmers in the region, even though Germany
will deposit more foreseeably. "You have to see how that fits the goal,
to continue to pursue a sustainable agricultural policy, "said the
Association vice president. According to him, the German farmers would
Compensation payments for high animal welfare standards and cultivated landscapes,
in mountainous areas that are difficult to cultivate.

Brexit would not only be the German food industry, however
that affects the entire EU. In 2017, food exports amounted to
the EU to Britain to 41 billion euros. Conversely, they came
British exports to the EU to 17 billion euros, like the European livestock
and the meat trade association (UECBV). The trade and the companies behind it employed 44 million people. According to the UECBV, beef exports to the UK would decrease by 84 percent in the event of a hard Brexit. at
Pork will drop 48 percent and 76 percent for sheep meat
Percent expected. UECBV President Philippe Borremans said in 2017 that the
Brexit the "currently greatest threat to European meat producers,
Consumers and traders "is said to have a potentially greater impact on consumers
Exports of agricultural products as the Russia embargo. According to UECBV, the long term is
for meat from Germany a price drop of five percent can be expected.

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