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Federal Court of Justice emphasizes right to late motherhood TIME ONLINE



Health insurance schemes may be required, including older women
Reimburse artificial insemination costs. He has that
Federal Court of Justice (BGH) clarified. A statistically higher risk
miscarriage is not a reason alone
Reject assumption of costs (Az. IV ZR 323/18).

A couple from Bremen had sued. It was about treating a 44 year old woman whose husband was on
could not father children in a natural way. His private health insurance did not want the costs of around 17,500 euros
take over and justified this with the age of the woman.
Miscarriages were more common in this age group.

Karlsruhe judges classified the four attempts of artificial insemination as medically necessary because of the problems of the man
Healing treatment. The only decisive factor is that the
Treatment with a certain probability to one
Pregnancy. How this continues, I have none
To play role.

The cost of four treatments was around 17,500 euros. The probability of pregnancy was around 15 percent each. The couple's right to self-determination includes
"basically also the decision to get into the desire to have children
advanced age while accepting age-specific risks
fulfill, "says the ruling. The decision could be different
at most fail if it is only because of the health of the parents
it is unlikely that the child will be born alive.

The Federal Court of Justice saw no evidence of this in the case of the couple. The insurance company must therefore largely bear the costs.

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