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Investigators identify suspected causes of the fire TIME ONLINE



Causer of the fire in the zoo of Krefeld According to the police, there are several people who have let five sky lanterns ascend there. According to the prosecutor, the suspects are three women –
 a 60 year old mother and her two adult daughters. They threaten because of negligence
Arson a fine or imprisonment of up to five
Years, said Attorney General Jens Frobel.

Gert Hoffmann from the police said in the press conference that they had reported themselves to the police, which saved the police from having to carry out extensive investigations. They said they bought the lanterns online and hadn't known about the ban on the lanterns. He expressed respect for the fact that the polluters had reported to the police.

The remains of four lanterns have been found, including one with a manuscript on it. The fifth was burned.

The fire started in the northeast corner of the roof, and from there the fire spread, said police officer Hoppmann. According to him, the roof skin is made of plexiglass. Fire tests were currently underway with the material and sky lanterns to reconstruct the course of the accident. Leaves on the roof could have intensified the fire. Most animals died from flue gas.

The zoo is expected to reopen on Friday

The fire department could not save the house. Andreas Kloos said that when the fire engines arrived, the house was already on fire, which amazed the comrades. According to the information, the house is demolished, a reconstruction is not possible.

The zoo should reopen on Friday, said a spokeswoman. The two surviving monkeys from the monkey house are doing well according to the circumstances.

Sky or wish lanterns consist of thin tissue paper and a candle or a container with fuel paste in the middle. If ignited, they rise through the heat and can float through the air. According to the Krefeld police, the letting of such lanterns is prohibited nationwide.

The facility is located on the edge of the zoo between next to the Grotenburg Stadium. The fire had killed five Borneo orangutans, a West African chimpanzee and two lowland gorillas. Several smaller monkeys and birds died in the flames. The oldest breeding gorilla in Europe was one of the animals killed. A total of 30 inmates in the zoo died.

The 2,000 square meter monkey house did not have a fire alarm system, according to the zoo there is no regulation. In addition, the fire developed so quickly that such a system would not have helped either, it said. The plant opened in 1975 was insured against fire damage.

Mourners dropped candles, flowers, letters and soft toys at the gates of the zoo. The zoo has flagged half mast.



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