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Justin Sun has bought the DLive transmission platform.



Justin Sun, founder and CEO of Tron of the BitTorrent Sharing Protocol, has acquired one more company. According to The Block, the company that joins Sun's conglomerate this time is DLive, a blockchain-based streaming platform.

BitTorrent announced through a publication in Medium that DLive will begin to migrate its platform to the Tron blockchain, currently DLive is based on the Lino blockchain. As part of the agreement, the BitTorrent BLive streaming platform will be included within DLive. According to Sun:

“DLive is a great solution for content producers. Think about how valuable it is to stream content on centralized platforms that take advantage of the hard work of its users. We want to add value to the world with DLive by adding the Tron and BitTorrent community to their passionate content creators «.

Kyle Lu, founder and CEO of Dapp.com, described the agreement as "excellent" through his Twitter. He also said that PewDiePie, the biggest creator of YouTube content in terms of subscriber numbers, is already on DLive and other YouTubers will join the platform.

“Great deal! DLive has more than 400,000 unique users in less than three months. Not only will great figures like PewDiePie join, but other YouTubers will join the platform for the initiative to eliminate materials related to cryptocurrency. 2020 will be really great for DApps! "

The DLive and BitTorrent teams will work together to share blockchain content, including live streams, for everyone. DLive has more than five million monthly active users, while BitTorrent claims to have more than 100 million monthly active users.


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