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Seehofer condemns attack on police officers TIME ONLINE



After the riots in Leipzig on New Year's Eve, politicians call for consequences. Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said: "This act shows that inhumane violence also emanates from left-wing extremists." A strong state is only possible with strong police and emergency services. The CSU politician called for "to stand behind our police officers" who "work every day for our security".

From the CDU came similar criticism. "We need a clear condemnation of left-wing extremism across all party borders, as with right-wing extremism," said Vice-Group leader of the Union Thorsten Frei (CDU) from the Bundestag. Representatives of other parties followed suit. Saxony's new Justice Minister Katja Meier (Greens) said that she condemned all forms of violence. Saxony's chief of police and interior minister Roland Wöller (CDU) also disapproved of the riot.

Criticism attracted the left. The CDU politician Frei said that she was doing "very difficult" with a clear condemnation of the act, the CDU youth organization Junge Union said in a similar way. The City Council
 and state parliamentarian of the left Juliane Nagel had of "disgusting
Police violence "and" calculated provocation "spoken – the officials
thus made responsible for the violence. On Thursday, she admitted to "probably unhappy comments" on Twitter. That was due to the excitement on site. She called for a police de-escalating strategy.

The state party leadership of the left condemned the attacks. "You don't throw other people with pyrotechnics, not with bottles and not with stones. The New Year's Eve is showing in a particularly sad way where such or other acts of violence can lead," said the country's chairmen, Susanne Schaper and Stefan Hartmann. Left faction leader in Bundestag Dietmar Bartsch said that world, His sympathy goes to the injured police officers: "Violence must not be a means of political conflict."

Police officer had to be operated on

According to the police, around 1,000 people were on New Year's Eve
Connewitzer Kreuz gathered in the south of Leipzig. Shortly after midnight
According to the police, the mood turned into violence: those who had celebrated
Officials violently attacked. A 38-year-old police officer had his helmet ripped off before
he was attacked, police circles said. He lost consciousness and had to be operated on according to the police. He was still in the hospital but was not in mortal danger, the police and prosecutors said.

According to the State Criminal Police Office, two other police officers were injured in the operation. The Soko LinX of the State Criminal Police Office investigated – among other things for attempted murder. The prosecutor's office opened an investigation into, among other things, attempted murder. Investigators had no clues to the perpetrators on Thursday.

Saxony Interior Minister Wöller wants to talk to police officers who were involved in the operation on Friday, the riot police said. State Police President Horst Kretzschmar is also expected.

The chairman of the German Police Union, Rainer Wendt, drew parallels to the beginnings of the RAF around 50 years ago: "These attacks clearly reveal the handwriting of left-wing extremists and are fatally reminiscent of the formation and implementation of left-wing terrorist structures in the 1970s," he said. Leipzig's mayor Burkhard Jung (SPD) made a similar comparison when, in 2019, left-wing extremists allegedly set fire to several construction cranes in Leipzig and caused millions of euros in damage.

Many young leftists live in Leipzig-Connewitz, they also shape the district by protesting against gentrification and rising rents. There are more clashes with the police there. The Leipzig CDU in the city council accused Mayor Burkhard Jung (SPD) of neglecting the fight against left-wing extremism. The mayor is due to be elected in the Saxon city in February.

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