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Stock market keys of the next session: unemployment data in Spain



Friday's day will be marked by the publication of the unemployment data in both Spain and Germany. In addition, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for December in France, Italy and also in the German country will be known.

Within the macroeconomic scope, the United Kingdom will publish the PMI of the construction sector and the United States, the Manufacturing PMI and IEA crude oil inventories. And in the business field, Cie Automotive will distribute dividends among its shareholders.


France: December CPI (8: 45h).

Spain: unemployment data (9: 00h).

Germany: unemployment data (9: 55h) and CPI for December (14: 00h).

United Kingdom: PMI of the construction sector (10: 30h).

Italy: December CPI (11: 00h).

U.S: Manufacturing PMI (4:00 p.m.) and IEA crude oil inventories (5:00 p.m.).


Spain: Cie Automotive pays dividend.

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