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At least four killed by rocket fire at Baghdad airport | TIME ONLINE



The international airport of Baghdad was shot at by three missiles. Iraqi security circles say the missiles landed near the air cargo terminal. At least four people were killed, several others injured, two vehicles burned out. It was initially unclear who was responsible for the detonations at the airport.

Tensions in the region have recently intensified. This week there were violent protests outside the US embassy in Baghdad. The demonstrators smashed windows and devastated the reception area. It acted
one of the most serious attacks on a diplomatic body
 of the United States in the past few years.
US President Donald Trump blamed Iran for this and threatened retaliation. As a consequence, they send United States around 750 soldiers in the region.

The riots were triggered by US air strikes on Iranian-backed Shiite militia Kataib Hezbollah on Sunday, killing 25 Hezbollah brigade fighters. The military action was a retaliation for one
Missile attack on an Iraqi military base last week in which
 one US civilian worker and four US soldiers were killed
were injured. Washington attributed the attack to the militia
Iran is supported.

Only on Thursday, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper warned of further attacks by Iran or allied militias on US facilities in the Middle East. There are signs of further "provocations," he said, without explaining this. If necessary, a preventive strike would be carried out.

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