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Parliament criticizes planned Turkish intervention as "high treason" | TIME ONLINE



The Libyan Parliament has Turkey before a military
Intervention in the national conflict in Libya warned. A Turkish
military intervention
would be "treason," said the vice president of the elected parliament,
Ehmajed Huma. The
The United Nations and the international community should have "their responsibility
"and prevent Turkey from intervening militarily, demanded Huma.

US President Donald Trump also warned Turkey of an intervention in Libya, In a phone call to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Trump said one, according to the White House
"Foreign interference" complicates the situation in the
North African crisis state.

The Turkish parliament
previously had one military intervention in the
Libya conflict
approved. The MPs voted in one
Special session for a government request to soldiers in the
North African crisis state. Erdoğan said it wanted to support the internationally recognized Libyan unity government in its struggle against General Chalif Haftar.

In Libya
has reigned since the fall and violent death of the long-time ruler
 Muammar al-Gaddafi 2011 Chaos.
The internationally recognized
Unity government in Tripoli is weak and has large parts of the country
 not under control. Haftar and his "Libyan National Army"
control the east of the country, where Parliament is also based
Has. Parliament is seen as a supporter of Haftar. Since the beginning of Haftar's offensive on Tripoli eight months ago
 According to the UN, more than 280 civilians were killed and more than
140,000 people displaced.



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