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Donald Trump Defense Lawyers Reject Charges | TIME ONLINE


In impeachment proceedings against US President Donald Trump, his defense lawyers rejected the allegations of the democratic accusers. Those who look at the facts clearly see that the president did nothing wrong, said Pat Cipollone, White House legal adviser and head of Trump's defense team in the Senate. Looking at the pleadings that the prosecutors had read out the day before, he criticized: "You have said over and over again things that are simply not true." In addition, the Democrats had not mentioned essential facts that speak for Trump.

The House of Representatives had Trump with the majority of the Democrats
 Abuse of power and obstruction of Congress investigation
indicted. The Democrats accuse Trump of speaking to the Ukrainian in a phone call in late July
Investigations against his political rival Joe Biden are crowded
have to get the 2020 US presidential election in his favor
influence. They see it as proven that Trump is from the
Announcement of such investigation, the release of military aid to Kiev
and made a meeting with Volodymyr Selenskyj dependent in the White House. As
that had come out, Trump had done everything possible, the investigation
 to block the House of Representatives.

Mike Purpura, another White House legal adviser, said that
 Minutes of the controversial call between Trump and the
Ukrainian presidents prove the correctness of Trump's actions. It clearly shows that the president did not in any way tie the investigation against Joe Biden, to which he asked Selenskyj, to military aid or a meeting in the White House. The Ukrainian leadership itself has repeatedly emphasized that no pressure was exerted on it and that there was no "quid pro quo", ie no offer for consideration. There was also not a single witness who testified that the president himself identified a connection between the investigation and military aid or a meeting with Selenskyj. In general, the stop of military aid by the Ukrainian side ordered by Trump was not noticed until weeks after the phone call.

Trump withheld the funds because of his concern about the corruption in Ukraine and the country's "unfair" international support. The President addressed these two issues openly in the telephone call. Overall, Purpura concluded that the president had acted in the national interest at all times and had taken his oath of office.

Cipollone in particular raised serious allegations against the opposition Democrats in the Senate, for example that the impeachment procedure was politically motivated. In their plea, the Democrats not only called on the senators to "overturn the results of the last election". They also urged the Senate to "exempt Trump from an election that will take place in about nine months." That would be like tearing up all the ballots in the United States.

The so-called impeachment process in the US Senate started several days ago. Prosecutors and defense lawyers each have a total of 24 hours to present their arguments. You can extend this to a maximum of three days. The prosecutors had made allegations against Trump between Wednesday and Friday.

They presented the results of previous testimonies and investigations against Trump in the House of Representatives and warned that Trump was a danger to the country. Democrat Jerry Nadler described Trump as a "dictator" who wanted to be "almighty". Now it's the turn of the president's defenders. Cipollone has already announced that his team does not expect to need the full 24 hours for their pleadings.

Process could end quickly

In the coming week, the senators should then be able to ask written questions to the opposite party. Then it should be decided whether additional documents should be requested or new witnesses should be summoned to the Senate. The latter have been demanding the latter in particular for weeks, while the Republicans want to end the proceedings quickly and do not want to hear any witnesses. The majority of Republicans in the Senate have so far not summoned witnesses. The trial may end in the coming week if, as expected, witness summons continue to fail.

The Senate assumes the role of a court in impeachment proceedings and decides on the charges against the House of Representatives. Because of the Republican majority in the Senate, it is extremely unlikely that Trump could be removed at the end of the term.

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