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Ripple could soon be listed on the stock exchange by launching an IPO


There has been a rumor that Ripple could be made public with an IPO.

The hypothesis was published in The XRP Daily, which reported on a 2-hour interview given by the company's CEO Brad Garlinghouse in the Wall Street Journal in Davos during the World Economic Forum 2020.

At this time, the interview has not yet been published, but The XRP Daily reports that some Ripple executives who attended the event with Garlinghouse tweeted some excerpts from it.

In particular, they mention a tweet from Ripple's product SVP, Asheesh Birla, who writes:

“In the next 12 months, you will see the IPOs in the crypto / blockchain space. We will not be the first and we will not be the last, but I hope we are at the forefront … it is a natural evolution for our company. @bgarlinghouse in # WEF20 «.

The interpretation of The XRP Daily of this tweet is that Ripple plans to go public, especially because in December 2019 the company had the biggest round of financing in its history, Series C, which would be the last step before becoming a company public

In fact, what Garlinghouse said in Davos to the Wall Street Journal reporter would be quite clear: many cryptocurrency companies will be listed on the stock exchange through an IPO, and Ripple would like to be one of the first.

The XRP Daily, although it is a biased source, suggests that an IPO could bring several benefits to Ripple, being a notable public relations maneuver that would attract much more coverage from the main media of the project and could generate a lot of expectation, which in turn it could take investors to the XRP ecosystem.

After all, the scenario explicitly suggested by Garlinghouse seems absolutely plausible, although at the moment it is only a hypothesis.

The timing, according to the CEO of Ripple, is expected to be a confirmation within 12 months, although there is no guarantee that an IPO will necessarily have a positive impact on the value of the XRP cryptocurrency.

However, if the company used alternative forms of financing for the sale of XRP in the market, it could also decide to reduce them significantly, which could benefit the market price of XRP. Anyway, this is just one of the many hypotheses that can be imagined for the future of XRP.

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