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Kevin's apartment was terminated without notice. He will soon be without a place to stay.
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When Elke Breitenbach comes to the lectern in the German Bundestag at around 6 p.m., the plenum is already tidying up. Thursday
last week, agenda item 11, homelessness and
homelessness, The Berlin Social Senator speaks in with a lot of force
the voice, she looks at half-empty rows and tired
Faces. In the morning there was already a new one in parliament
Organ donation law coordinated, a lot of media attention, the rest
 Meeting day, on the other hand, seems like an annoying regret.

If deposit remained after long plenary sessions, it would be slow
Time to collect it, sweep it up and think about tomorrow. Elke
 Breitenbach (Die Linke) had come to the nationwide first
Report homelessness. Because homelessness has always been one thing
of these side issues, it fits that Breitenbach is half empty
 Hall tells about it.

On the night of January 30th, around 3,700 volunteers will join 500 teams
 move through Berlin to count how many people are free
Live heaven. This is nothing less than an absolute novelty: never
was there such a count in a large German city, yet
there was never a reliable homelessness statistic. Not in Berlin,
not in the rest of the republic. Nobody knows for sure, actually
 not even roughly how many people are left outdoors, though
 the busy life in the evening through the streets of the capital
presses and disappears behind the front doors in the warm. The Berlin Senate estimates that there are 4,000 to 10,000 people. One has
 lost track. "We need data, we need studies, we
need the basics, "says Breitenbach in her speech
reliable help is simply impossible.

We have not found out the name of this man.
© Nikita Teryoshin for Die ZEIT Christ & Welt

"The more we know how many people live on the street,
the language they speak and the gender they have, the more
we can better organize the help for them, "said Breitenbach in
 advance Christ & World,

Jörg has been living outside for seven years, currently at Jannowitzbrücke station.
© Nikita Teryoshin for Die ZEIT Christ & Welt

The "Night of Solidarity" is supposed to look at the eyes of the capital's inhabitants
 direct the homeless. "Even if there are still a lot of people
prefer to look away, we want the homeless to be noticed,
 that they are addressed, offered help. "Mid-February
you have a reliable number. On this basis, help can be obtained
coordinate and make politics, says Breitenbach.

"If I invite you to dinner in the evening, I have to know roughly how many people will come," says Dieter Puhl. Until the end of 2018, Puhl was head of the Berlin city mission at Bahnhof Zoo.
 He has headed the staff unit for the city mission since February
"Christian and social responsibility". For 30 years
Puhl is concerned with homelessness in Berlin. tabloids
call him "Mr. Homeless". What number does Dieter Puhl expect? "The White
not me. But I'm sure the number has been in the past few years
has risen. You don't have to be a social worker, you have to be one
ordinary citizen of Berlin. "Then he adds:" The homeless
I consider people who we recognize as such to be a minority. We
 don't know how many people spend the night on the train. "

Especially people with a severely handicapped ID often spent
the whole night on the train, the journey is free of charge for them. From 30
Years of working with the homeless Dieter Puhl knows: Most people
have an opinion on homeless people without ever really dealing with them
to have explored. Orderly life rustles on them
People pass by as if they were invisible, as if you didn't need them
to address them, not asking them anything because you already know everything. The
The fact that they live on the street already tells theirs
History. At least that's what many think.

Alexa has lived on Kottbusser Platz for around eleven years.
© Nikita Teryoshin for Die ZEIT Christ & Welt

"When 3,700 volunteers move through Berlin and count at night,
then that alone warms the city a bit, "says Puhl." The
The city community shows solidarity, which is very important. "Puhl hopes
insists that homelessness is no longer just a social problem
Is evaluated. 60 percent of homeless people are psychological
ill. "The Ministry of Health, the Senate, would also be responsible
for interior, for construction. "It takes a lot of political pressure
a reliable number that initiatives could rely on. Berlin
 is now going ahead. "The homeless are part of society," says

Roman from Ukraine has been homeless for 3 months. He has no papers.
© Nikita Teryoshin for Die ZEIT Christ & Welt

In addition, the German Bundestag last Thursday
decided to introduce nationwide homelessness statistics. In this
people without a valid lease are registered who are in
Emergency shelters are housed. However, this number does not cover
the homeless in the parks, at the subway stations, in the vestibules of the
Bank branches.

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