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A popular argument in discussions such as texts
how this is conducted means entertainment. So that's critical
Referral to films is all well and good that maybe you can do this or that
could explain in the ARD Sunday evening thriller, but – in the end and completely
actually it's all about entertainment.

Sounds modest, but it doesn't make things easier. Because entertainment can
be accomplished in different ways: by joke, by interesting
Stories, through horror and creep, through pity and feeling. Quality
Entertainment is what drives time away because it makes it forget.

At least this is the term used by Munich residents Crime scene: Unclear location (BR-Editor:
Stephanie Heckner). The police are called to a regular bus in which a
Controller was shot, the perpetrator is volatile. SEK approaches and in the
Rearguard: the Ivo (Miroslav Nemec) and the Franz (Udo Wachtveitl). Kalli Hammermann (Ferdinand Hofer) will soon be delegated to the operational management team,
what the last time he let the scraper hang out
once again predestined for Joshua Kimmich of the Munich location –
Keyword: leadership responsibility.

Matthias Dell has been writing weekly about "Tatort" and "Polizeiruf 110" since 2010. On ZEIT ONLINE since 2016 in the column "The autopsy report".
© Daniel Seiffert

Perhaps there is a house calling as a solution for
the great gap left by Ivo and Franz "one day" (Thomas Mann); the day will come when they stop trying
getting caught by foot persecution far too quickly. That Kallis
preppy-properes Bayernburschentum is a factor with which the personnel
Rejuvenation of the Munich crime scene could calculate would be a
Thought that can be saved for later.

Now playing unclear
and the film does it quite excitingly (screenplay: Holger Joos,
Directed by Pia Strietmann). The crime takes place during the crime scene running. The fugitive is
the young Tom Scheuer (Manuel Seitz), who loves the cosmopolitan city
excited as it is in the reality of Attack from
Olympic Shopping Center (OEZ)
did in summer 2016.

What Scheuer said is quoted twice: "One person maintains the whole
World ". And that would be a wide range of
Entertainment definitions – the somehow imitator enters as a joke narrator
the crime scene not in appearance.

That with somehow imitation makes the mission in Unclear location quite delicate. Because the
Film strips pictures that bring bad memories in. The empty bus on
the closed road, which in the school that Scheuer may want to go under
Girls and boys crouched on the benches, looks at onlookers who are on
Balconies follow the progress of things – how much the film on the controls of
Panic and paranoia that is about is a crucial question.

Because it is something else, if you think about it, through
the city car like Quentin Tarantino, Pia Frankenberg
or to film John Carpenter. Or whether you turn pictures of a city in fear and get tempted by it, the trauma that
reproduced in Munich since the OEZ attack. On the evening of the
There was a long period of uncertainty
whether one or more offenders are out in the city (this motif takes over
the crime scene for his fictitious case)
– a paranoia caused by imagination and false perceptions
driven live communication on social media was strengthened (that gets
the thriller is not depicted so well).

Unclear location upholds
mostly the balance. The film succeeds in a fairly plausible one, through rich ones
Comparsion-based representation of uncertainty and uncertainty
(effective camera: Florian Emmerich, top sound: Harti Küffner), basically
does not need dialogues, because the inevitable action must result. Assumptions,
Evidence, new traces – it is quite impressive, how precise and concise
the film depicts investigation.

However, it appears frivolous in two aspects. There would be
on the one hand all the faces and microphones that the producing Bavarian radio makes available and from which the pride echoes
popular ARD Sunday evening thriller with super-authentic news seriousness
from your own home.

What against the background of the experience of the former BR reporter Richard Gutjahr
lying until cynical: good year was, also because he was from the OEZ attack
had reported
, the focus of right haters that come from
Conspiracy theories make reality. The broadcaster, namely the director Ulrich Wilhelm, had cut a sad figure according to Gutjahr's information, which was the support of his own employee

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