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The gentlemen of arms: the five most important listed companies in the sector


They are the lords of arms. The five most important publicly traded companies in the sector. And they are all Americans. We talk about Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and General Dynamics.

Lockheed Martin It is without a doubt the most important of all. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri), which collects data from all countries except for China, this company “is the largest manufacturer of weapons in the world” and concentrates the 11% of sales of the 100 largest weapons manufacturers worldwide.

According to the report, prepared with proven data from 2018 and published at the end of 2019, Lockheed Martin sold weapons valued at $ 47.3 billion, which meant an increase of 5% over the previous year.

“Lockheed has been number 1 in this ranking since 2009. An important catalyst for its biggest sales in 2018 was the increase in deliveries from fighter aircraft F-35 to the US and other countries, ”explains Sipri.

The fusion of Lockheed Corporation and Martin Marietta in 1995 He created the current Lockheed Martin, specialized in the construction of fighter jets (last year he delivered 134 F-35 but also manufactures F-16 or F21, among others), radar technology, helicopters (the famous Black hawk) transport aircraft (has won a contract of Super hercules with the American Administration), hypersonic weapons, missiles, military drones and drones.

Lockheed shares are listed on Wall Street near record highs of $ 432 per share, which gives the company a market capitalization of $ 122 billion. So far this year, in the heat of geopolitical tensions between the US and Iran, their titles have revalued almost 11%. And in the last twelve years, 52% has shot up in the stock market.

For its part, Boeing, known for its passenger planes and which has currently been affected by a major scandal in relation to the 737 Max, whose defective software has caused two accidents, is also an important company in the armament sector. Proof of this is that it ranks second in the world ranking, with military sales of 29,150 million in 2018, a quota of almost 7% in the top 100 of the biggest sellers.

Boeing manufactures the 702 family of satellites; the AH-64 Apache helicopter; the EA-18G electronic warfare aircraft; the KC-46 air refueling aircraft, which is manufactured from the Boeing 767 commercial aircraft; and the P-8 anti-submarine / anti-surface war aircraft, manufactured from commercial aircraft 737. The company's stock market value has dropped 12% in the last year, to 177,000 million dollars.

In third place in the ranking is Northrop grumman. The company is the fourth largest US military defense contractor and the number one builder of warships. Its shares accumulate a 41% increase in the last year, which has raised its stock market value to 64,000 million dollars.

According to Sipri, Northrop Grumman increased its sales by 14% in 2018, to 26.190 million dollars. Its great growth is explained by the acquisition of Orbital-ATK and "strong national and international demand for their weapons, including intercontinental ballistic missiles and missile defense systems".

Fourth appears Raytheon, whose sales rose 4%, to 23,440 million dollars. Its shares accumulate a rise in 39% in the last twelve months and its capitalization has gained weight $ 64 billion. Raytheon specializes in missile defense systems, precision weapons, electronic warfare systems and cybersecurity.

Finally, General Dynamics increased its arms sales by 10%, to 22,000 million dollars. He specializes in combat vehicles, nuclear-powered submarines and communications systems. His actions have rebounded a 8% in the last year and its stock market value has risen to $ 53 billion.

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