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AfD parliamentary group loses another member TIME ONLINE


The AfD member of the Bundestag Verena Hartmann has her party and
Leave faction. This was announced in writing by the Saxon MP
Fraction leader with. "This does not affect my mandate. I will do my job and with it
ongoing projects as a non-attached member of the German Bundestag
continue, "it says in the letter. An AfD parliamentary group spokesman confirmed ZEIT ONLINE Hartmann's resignation. According to the world were
"Personal reasons" decisive for Hartmann's decision.

Hartmann was one of them last summer
Signers of an appeal in which the style of the right-wing "wing" of the
AFD was criticized. With a view of the "Flügel" founder and Thuringian AfD head of state
Björn Höcke said in the appeal: "The AfD is and will not be
Björn-Höcke party. "

The AfD has
with it in Bundestag only 89 deputies. All in all, with Hartmann since the 2017 federal election
five MPs turned their backs on the group – the first was the one
Ex-party leader Frauke Petry made her decision the day after the election

Hartmann was at the beginning of the legislative period
clashed with the Saxon Member of the Bundestag Jens Maier.
 The former judge, who feels connected to the "wing", had her
threatened in a meeting: "We'll get you ready!" Hartmann
 also reported negative reactions to their AfD membership,
with which she was confronted in the private environment. she said
back then: "Discrimination in society has to be endured

In December
already had Lars Herrmann, who like Hartmann used to be a police officer
Brexit declared. According to a report by the AfD, one could
threat of observation of the party by the constitutional protection one reason for the withdrawals
of the two ex-cops. The officials in the party
are professionally special due to a possible monitoring of the constitutional protection


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