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China is the second largest arms producer in the world TIME ONLINE


China has developed into the second largest arms producer in the world, according to a report by the Sipri Peace Research Institute. The Stockholm scientists' study shows that the country's four largest defense companies totaled around $ 54.1 billion in 2017. China ended up behind the US in global arms sales, but ahead of Russia.

It is the first detailed study of Chinese arms sales, according to Spiri. Previously, data from Chinese companies was hardly accessible. The discovery of new sources has now changed that. "We have long suspected and appreciated China
Arms industry is very large, "said Sipri expert Nan Tian of
German press agency
, For the report, the researchers evaluated new information from 2015 to 2017. The projections are conservative estimates.

The largest of the four Chinese companies, the aircraft manufacturer Avic, sold armaments worth $ 20.1 billion. Avic was the sixth largest producer in the world. According to the researchers, a total of three Chinese defense companies were among the ten largest manufacturers in the world in 2017.

The largest buyer of the goods is the People's Republic itself. "Almost
All weapons that China produces are made domestically by the Chinese
Bought military, "said Tian. One reason for this is that Beijing with the
Manufacture of weapons and technologies for its military entirely
want to become independent of other states. At the same time there is one
slow trend, according to which the demand from abroad for Chinese
Armor rise. Until China, however, the export figures of Russia reach,
 be it still a long way, Tian said.

Previously, Sipri had excluded China from its annual analysis of global arms sales because of insufficient data. From this year, the Chinese figures are said to
December Sipri report to be taken into account. In the previous 2018 report, U.S. corporations were at the top of the hundred largest arms producers with a market share of 59 percent. Russia therefore had a market share of 8.6 percent, followed by Great Britain and France. Germany was two percent.

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