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Lar Spain presents an optimal risk-return equation


The important falls of recent months have led to the title to the important support that it presents in the imposing bullish hollow of 6.80 euros.

Technical analysis

Short term

Medium term

Long term

The important price falls of Lar Spain in recent months, 16% have taken him to the important support area that, by definition, gives him the imposing bullish gap of the session of September 9, at 6.80 euros. So for the moment this hole has been filled in its entirety, but has not been closed or what is the same voided. This makes the risk-return equation at this time optimal for the long or bullish side, as long as it respects the bullish gap to which we are referring. Closing it would be a clear sign of weakness, prelude to what may be a return to the origin of the movement: the 6.40 euros that marked in August. Above, on the resistance side, the most immediate is found at 7.15 euros.

Lar Spain daily chart


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