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The trip to Jerusalem TIME ONLINE


What do crown prince charles do
Emmanuel Macron, Vladimir Putin, Michael Pence, Frank-Walter Steinmeier,
a total of around fifty heads of state in Jerusalem? Everyone has on the 75th anniversary
the Auschwitz liberation of millions of victims
, Of course, some have it
worldwide attention for your own needs. First of all the Russian sole ruler
Putin: He came an hour late to give priority to the flock of the lesser
to rub your nose. He accused the Baltic and Poland of complicity
the Nazi killers and highlighted their own victims. He forgot that once
three million Jews lived in the Soviet Union. Today there are 170,000 in Russia. The survivors evaded the state of power through emigration.

This unprecedented act of mourning was
a massive moral appeal. But a little interest policy was allowed
his. Putin spread and denounced the neighboring countries. The U.S. Vice President
Pence distracted from impeachment with his touching speech. Israel
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu campaigns on the global stage. The Polish
President collected points at home by unloading himself to stand up for the
to avenge the new tsar's anti-Polish tirades.

But this is possible
Lesart ("They only do it because …") of the historical meaning of the
Council in the Jad Vaschem memorial far over. It is crucial that the
Anti-Semitism 75 years after Auschwitz long ago his distorted face
shows – globally, but kindly not totally. "Priced in" is that of
Hatred of Jews – not only Israel hatred – deep roots in the
Arab-Islamic world has struck. But who would have been in 1945, after the
Destruction of the death machine, thought of the Anti – Semitism in Europe and
Revive America
would? Where the "never again!" practically belongs to the rationale of the state.

Is the hatred of Jews an immovable one?
Constant of history? The heads of state, which otherwise have little in common
connects, said "no" with word and existence. Not because of that
Jewish state wanted to testify to their overwhelming sympathy, but because they
suspect that ultimately it is not just about Jews.

What is the core of the
Anti-Semitism? It is the web of a conspiracy against the good, the true
and righteous. There is an almighty collective, the world secretly
controlled. The globally scattered Jews act as if they belonged to us. she
sneak into your heads. You control capital, science and
Media. Twelve million corruptors manipulate seven billion innocent people.
A nice but deadly compliment.

Ignorance, idiocy or sheer malice?
You can choose it. But the key is denial of reality. There are
Poverty, envy, hatred and a lust for murder in the world – see half of them alone
Million dead in Syria. Of course, the real world does not work the way it does
the anti-Semite is laying down. Only pull in his paranoid imagination
few as many threads. This delusion demands: The Jews must be disempowered,
be penned in or best eliminated.

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