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US authorities want to question Prince Andrew about the Jeffrey Epstein case | TIME ONLINE


In the abuse scandal about
US millionaire Jeffrey Epstein
the US investigative authorities want to question Prince Andrew. The
FBI had contacted Andrews lawyers but had not yet received an answer, said
Prosecutor Geoffrey Berman in New York, like US media and the Guardian reported.

Epstein had last August
committed suicide in a New York prison. He was accused of several
Abused and forced minors into prostitution. One of his
Victim also publicly accuses Prince Andrew of abusing her. The
Prince denies the allegations.

Andrew was with Epstein for years
friends and overnight guest on his estate in the USA and in
the Caribbean. He doesn't want anything from his friend's machinations
have noticed.

After a completely failed BBC interview with which he actually got his
wanted to restore battered reputation, the prince decided to
To let tasks as a member of the royal family rest for the time being. He should
US authorities have offered to work together to investigate Epstein
record, but he has not received anything from Andrew, says prosecutor
Berman according to that Guardian,


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