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Benjamin Netanyahu Withdraws Immunity Request | TIME ONLINE


Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has withdrawn his request for law enforcement immunity. Netanyahu wrote on his Facebook page that he had informed Parliament President Juli Edelstein of this. The head of government accused his political opponents of a "dirty game" and announced that he would refute all allegations of corruption.

Now it can be expected that Netanyahu will soon become one corruption trial must face. The process could possibly start even before the March 2 election.

Actually, Parliament should start a session on Netanyahu's immunity application on Tuesday morning. A vote was planned to set up a Knesset committee to decide on its immunity. However, Netanyahu's prospects were considered very poor.

"At this fateful hour for the Israeli people, while I am on a historic mission in the United States to set Israel 's permanent borders and ensure Israel' s security for generations to come, another circus performance should begin in the Knesset to help me Depriving immunity, "wrote Netanyahu. On Tuesday, he wanted to present the basics of his long-awaited Middle East plan in a joint press conference with US President Donald Trump.

In Israel has been governing a transitional cabinet with Netanyahu at the top for about a year and the parliament is only able to act to a limited extent. After two parliamentary elections, no new government was formed in 2019 due to a stalemate.


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