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Mahmoud Abbas accuses Donald Trump of "conspiracy" | TIME ONLINE


US President Donald #Trump's proposals for a peace solution in the Middle East have been particularly rejected by Palestinian representatives. The plan "will not come through," said Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas in
Ramallah after meeting the various
Palestinian groups, including the radical Islamic Hamas from the
Gaza. She also spoke out against the plan.

Abbas described Trump's plans as a "conspiracy". "I say Trump and Netanyahu: Jerusalem is not for sale, all of our rights are not for sale and cannot be negotiated," he said.

Trump previously had his plan in the presence of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented in the White House. He advocated a two-state solution and promised a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as the capital. At the same time, he said that Jerusalem must remain "undivided capital" of Israel. Like Jerusalem, the undivided capital of Israel and East Jerusalem at the same time
 Trump did not lead the capital of a Palestinian state

The Iranian Department of State called the plan "Treason of the Century". The "peace plan" was "imposed on the Palestinians by the Americans". He was doomed to fail, it was said.

The Lebanese Hezbollah militia warned of "bad effects" on the region. The plan was an attempt to destroy the "legitimate rights of the Palestinian people," a statement said. The plan confirmed that resistance was the only choice to liberate Palestinian land. Hezbollah is a close ally of the Iran, Most recently, there was a war of about one month between Israel and Hezbollah in 2006.

Maas calls for a "mutually acceptable" solution

The federal government reacted cautiously to the plan. "Only one for both
Parties acceptable, negotiated two-state solution can result in a
lead lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians, "said
Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD). Every impulse that is
get the deadlocked peace process going again
welcome. The US proposal raises questions. This will
Now discuss Germany with the EU partners.

The European Union wants to "examine and evaluate" Trump's proposals. The US initiative offers the opportunity to boost the urgently needed efforts to find a negotiated and feasible solution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, said EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell. At the same time, Borrell referred to the EU position that a negotiated and workable two-state solution was needed that took into account the legitimate hopes of the Palestinians and the Israelis. All relevant UN resolutions and internationally accepted factors would have to be respected.

The Russian government has called Israel and the Palestinians directly
Negotiations on. This was necessary to make a "for both sides
to find an acceptable compromise, "said the Russian deputy
Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, according to Russian news agencies.
Russia will analyze the US plan. On Wednesday the Israeli
 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for talks with Russia
Head of state Vladimir Putin expects in Moscow.

"The people and the country of Palestine cannot be bought up"

Turkey called the plan "stillbirth". "It is an annexation plan aimed at destroying the two-state solution and conquering the Palestinian Territories," said the Turkish Foreign Ministry. The people and the country of Palestine could not be bought up. Turkey will not support a plan that does not have Palestine support, it said. "There will be no peace in the Middle East without ending Israel's occupation policy."

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) praised Trump's plan as a "serious initiative". It deals with many questions that have been asked for years, wrote the UAE ambassador to Washington, Jussif al-Utaiba, on twitter, The plan is an important starting point for the return to negotiations. The Foreign Ministers of the Arab League want to consider the plan at an extraordinary meeting on Saturday.

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