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Three more people infected in Bavaria TIME ONLINE


In Bavaria three other people have been infected with the novel corona virus. They were related to the first confirmed case of the new lung disease in Germany, said a spokesman for the Ministry of Health. The three newly infected patients are also employees of the company
Webasto from the district of Starnberg, in which the first victim
is busy.

"It was decided that the three new patients would be in Munich
Klinik Schwabing was admitted to the hospital and medically monitored there
and be isolated, "the Ministry said." For some
Further contact persons are currently running a test to determine whether they are here as well
Infection with the coronavirus is present. "The Ministry of Health initially did not provide any further information.

Webasto announced on Tuesday evening that it would close its headquarters in Gauting in Upper Bavaria by Sunday. Until then, employees at the company's headquarters should not travel to national and international locations.

On Monday evening, an infection with the novel corona virus was confirmed for the first time in Germany. A man from the district of Starnberg in Bavaria caught a colleague from China. The woman was thus infected with her parents, who came from the particularly affected city of Wuhan in central China. She only developed symptoms on the return flight to China on January 23.

Bavaria's Minister of Health Melanie Huml (CSU) said the message
According to: "A total of around 40 employees of the company were identified,
who come into question as close contacts. Those affected should on
Be tested on Wednesday as a precaution. "

The number of people infected is now over 6,000

The coronavirus
2019-nCoV can trigger a lung disease in which
Main distribution country China, 132 people have already died. Most of them were elderly with severe
Pre-existing illness. The total number of diseases known worldwide
has now risen to more than 6,000, 80 of them outside of China. In Europe, in addition to the four cases in Germany, four infected people were reported in France. The number of new virus infections in China is now higher than in the Sars epidemic 2002/2003.

The EU plans to fly European citizens out of the affected region around the city of Wuhan in China later this week. In a first recall campaign, 250 French nationals are to be evacuated from China as early as Wednesday. The EU Commission said the first aircraft of the mission, which is co-financed by the EU, would take off from Paris in the morning. In the coming days, another plane should bring hundreds of EU citizens of other nationalities back to Europe. A charter flight with 240 US citizens on board has already started from Wuhan. Japan has also brought back the first compatriots from Wuhan, China.

The Federal Foreign Office in Berlin issued a travel warning for those particularly
severely affected Chinese province of Hubei, in which the city of Wuhan
lies. The new recommendation is for the rest of the People's Republic
Berlin, if possible not necessarily necessary trips to China

The virus for vaccine production has already been successfully bred

US researchers are now working on the development of a vaccine. NIH Director of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, said the research process is expected to be lengthy, "but we're proceeding as if we need to use a vaccine."

A team of Australian scientists has already succeeded in reproducing the coronavirus in the laboratory. "With the real virus, we now have the ability to validate and verify all test methods and compare their sensitivities and characteristics," said Julian Druce, head of the virus identification laboratory at the Peter Doherty Institute in Melbourne. The cultured virus sample can thus help in the development of a vaccine.

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