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There is little in Ukrainian politics that is impossible. Revolutions, fake contract murders, escaped presidents and covert wars – everything has been there or is still up to date. The rise of Volodymyr Selenskyj was nevertheless a sensation: a comedian who appeared in the TV series titled a year earlier as Servant of the people mimicking the president and touring the province with his cabaret program should the country really rule. That alone went around the world as a headline. But hardly in office, the 42-year-old also became a key figure in an affair that could, at least in theory, bring down the most powerful man in the world: the US President. As a "man in the middle", like the British most recently Time-Titled magazine about Selenskyj (Man in the middle), he suddenly stood there, the "Ukrainian President between Putin and Trump". This burden will also be on him when he receives US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Kiev this Thursday.

The timing is spicy: the impeachment proceedings in the US Senate have been going against since the previous week Donald Trump, The affair started with the US president pushing his new counterpart Selenskyj to start an investigation into Ukraine that would harm Democrats and their potential candidate in the presidential election this year: Joe Biden. During his time as Vice President and Ukraine representative under Barack Obama, he was said to have had a conflict of interest because of his son Hunter
also on the supervisory board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma
sat – whereby all allegations had long proven to be unfounded. The fact that Trump later had US $ 400 million in US military aid to Ukraine blocked, among other things, in order to force the country to carry out the political investigation for his own personal benefit, is the core allegation of impeachment: an extortionate barter, a quid pro quo to influence the election , so a clear abuse of office.

The impeachment process does not officially play a role in Pompeo's planned meeting with President Selenskyj and the Ukrainian Foreign and Defense Ministers. Kiev is said to be bilateral, the war in Donbass and the "sovereignty and territorial integrity" of the Ukraine go, it says from the State Department in Washington. An earlier planned visit to Pompeo was postponed earlier in the month due to the escalation in the conflict with Iran. The situation has not calmed down since then: Leaked parts of a book manuscript by former US security adviser John Bolton have made Trump's defense even more difficult and a questioning of witnesses in the Senate has become more likely.

Donald Trump – "Impeachment … why?"
The impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump begin in the US Senate. In our video, Rieke Havertz explains what he is accused of and how the process continues.

"Do you really think anyone in the United States cares about Ukraine?"

Therefore could Pompeo now fly to Ukraine with another agenda, the journalist Ivan Jakowina from the Kiev weekly magazine suspects Novoje Wremja, It is quite possible that the foreign minister wants to use his trip to bring Selenskyj to a relieving public statement: that in his talks with Trump there was never a quidproquo
There was talk that military aid at the right time and in full
arrived and that the US President is an important ally of Ukraine
be. "Trump needs a first-hand acquittal – from Selenskyj personally," Jakowina believes. In return, he could offer him additional help or new sanctions against Russia. "Selenskyj would be best advised not to meet Pompeo at all," says the Ukrainian journalist. All the more so after the Secretary of State had just glared at a radio journalist when asked about his inglorious role in the removal of the US Ambassador to Kiev, Marie Yovanovitch: "Do you really think that anyone in the United States cares about Ukraine?"

It is of course questionable whether the Ukrainian president wants to be drawn further into the affair. The government in Kiev has been trying to distance itself from the start. Even if Selenskyj did not cut a good figure in the notorious telephone call with Trump, because he at least held out the prospect of an investigation against Burisma, downplayed the role of the EU and Germany, and was later said to be about to bow to Trump's pressure: for the time being he could be Save face and avoid political involvement. In doing so, he surprised many who hadn't expected the newcomer to have so much diplomatic sensitivity. "Trump wanted to take advantage of Selenskyj's inexperience to bring him into the
To pull the US election campaign into it, "says political professor Olexij Haran of the Kiev Mohyla Academy. But" he and his team have managed to minimize the negative effects and stay out of the scandal ".

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