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Bitcoin in search of $ 9,500, can it overcome the open orders of bears in that area?


Bitcoin, after a perfect correction to the 38% Fibonacci level, headed for an upward movement from $ 8327 to $ 9365 today, this represents a% 13 in just 3 days.

With a significant resistance at $ 9,450, Bitcoin tries to give us another upward move before moving on to a technical correction again. We have support at $ 9,150 and this could become a consolidation area before moving on to look for $ 9,500.

The RSI is already marking on purchase, it may be that overcoming the R3 resistance of the week currently does not happen without first correcting the price a bit or consolidating over the mentioned supports. The volume is still favorable to the trend.

We must wait for the rupture of R3 before considering an entry in the medium term since it is still possible that we have another correction up to $ 9100.

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