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Charlie Lee of Litecoin claims that MimbleWimble scales better than Bitcoin


Burkett, who had been working on the development of the extended MW block, announced to the community that the project began on December 29, 2019. Lee added that the integration of the MW protocol will be introduced as a soft fork. Scalability has been the main concern for most currencies in the blockchain, but according to the creator of LTC, MW scales better than Bitcoin.

Lee said:

"The good thing about MimbleWimble is that it scales very well."

Affirming that the protocol does not sacrifice its scalability to provide privacy and fungibility, he added:

“In a sense, it actually scales better than Bitcoin [and] Litecoin today because of the ability to perform compact transactions, discard entries and exits, the way it is designed is really very good for scalability and is quite impressive. how does it work. «

Burkett had informed the community about its plans to restructure the core logic that will be shared between Grin ++ and Litecoin, including registration, serialization, cryptography, error handling and common data structures. Additional developer plans for Litecoin in the new year included the determination of construction methods, the definition of all LTC models and the transfer of the database implementation to libmw-core, which is Grin's partial redesign ++.

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