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Former UFC fighter Ben Askren has said that the XRP token is a scam


UFC star Ben Askren recently lashed out at the XRP Army by calling the third largest cryptocurrency a scam on Twitter.

His tweet almost instantly went viral with more than 1,700 likes at the time of writing and instigated another war between different crypto fields.

While some Bitcoiners were having a picnic, XRP fans didn't hesitate to take personal punches against Askren. Some of them were as low as comparing the speed of XRP so Askren knocked out by his bitter rival, Jorge Masvidal.

However, the most sensible XRP headlines saw the mention of Askren as an opportunity for greater general exposure. Even those who were not following XRP could come to your own conclusion.

The questionable Ripple business model

XRP is legitimately considered one of the most controversial projects in the crypto space. Forbes contributor Jason Bloomberg criticized him as a "centralized and without permission" token in his opinion article when questioning Ripple's business model.

forbes.com image

XRP remains the main objective of Bitcoin maximalists who believe that the token represents everything that is wrong with cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Core developer Peter Todd compared Ripple with Theranos biotechnology fraud, which turned out to be the biggest Silicon Valley disaster. Meanwhile, Blockstream CEO Adam Back suggested that Brad Garlinghouse was buying BTC with XRP tokens that his company throws at retail.

Askren is a strong Bitcoin advocate, which probably explains his disdain for XRP.

That said, being a Bitcoin advocate does not necessarily mean that you should hate Ripple and the XRP token. As reported by recently, Garlinghouse admitted that he was optimistic about the upper cryptocurrency as a store of value, but did not see it as a successful medium of exchange.

"You don't want to use BTC in Starbucks, by the time you drink your coffee, it will be cold."

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