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Technical analysis office: Ibex Total Return, MásMóvil, Grifols, Quabit, Metrovacesa, Airbus, Alibaba and Tesla


Next, we respond to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Airbus, Ibex 35 Total Return, Tesla, Quabit, Metrovacesa, Grifols, Alibaba and MásMóvil.

Technical analysis

Hi, I bought Airbus for 84 euros. How do you see value technically? Is it better to make profits or keep? R.G.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Airbus It is a clear keep in portfolio. It is without a doubt the most bullish titles of the Old Continent. In addition to being a free climbing title, we have him moving into a long-term, impeccable bullish channel. Moreover, a potential fall towards the area of ​​110 euros should be interpreted as a new opportunity to get on the shopping train. It is also striking how well the current crisis that the entire tourism and airline sector is experiencing is holding the title. The value is very strong and it makes no sense to consider a sale. And more when its direct competitor, Boeing, is not going through a good time. Greetings.

Airbus weekly chart since late 2006

Good José María. I would like, if possible, to analyze the dividend adjusted Ibex. There is hardly any talk of this anywhere and I would like to know its appearance and its forecasts. Thank you, best regards. J.B.

Dear reader, good afternoon. That's right, the Ibex which takes into account dividends (IBDIV) that hardly anyone analyzes and very few people talk about. When the reality is that it should be a more frequent index, because as it does the Dax, it takes into account the dividends distributed throughout history. It is a much more real index than the Ibex that everyone follows. That said, I keep the bullish guideline that it presents and that unites each and every one of the growing minimums since 2013. In fact, there are five points of support in this bullish guideline (when the minimum required is three points of tangency) . At this time the guideline goes through approximately 25,000 points. That is, around 10% below the current price levels we have a support level of the most important. Thank you very much, greetings.

Weekly graph of the Ibex Total Return since the end of 2011

Good morning Mr. Rodriguez. In his day I entered with a small position in Tesla when he left 7% to publicize the Cybertruck. And although I earn enough I would like to be able to increase positions in this action. Is there any level of support from which to be able to place the purchase in case it corrected strongly in the future? Or better, forget about this title and keep the titles that I already have in my portfolio? Thanks for that section. Best regards. J.M.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Tesla It is impeccably bullish, as it is a free rising title. In addition, it should be attentive to their titles on Wednesday because (at the close of Wall Street) is confessed to the market. I understand that after the ‘rally’ of the last months the market is discounting very good results / forecasts for the company. The problem with a climb like the current one is that it could be corrected strongly (reaction phase) without actually happening anything. Much would have to fall to somehow really deteriorate what is the bottom upward trend of this title.

Tesla weekly chart since September 2016

Thus, for example, a fall towards the area of ​​390 dollars would be nothing more than a support (throw back) towards the previous historical maximums. And much less I want to imply with this that this fall can occur. I just want you to understand that trying to find media in this title at the present time is a very complicated task. The same happens above, on the side of the resistance, because wanting to find a market ceiling at a value in free rise is to play fortune tellers. Play to have the crystal ball. Let's not confuse analysts with crystal ball fortune tellers. And if you do not ask all those investors (who are many) who have been getting short (bearish) for a long time in this title. Tesla is very bullish today and playing hard to fall can be very dangerous. Thank you very much, greetings.

Good Morning. My question goes to Mr. Rodriguez. I was thinking of entering two real estate agencies that are completely forgotten in recent times. Quabit and Metrovacesa. Also, not long ago we learned that Carlos Slim bought 3% of Quabit. What do the graphics tell you? Greetings and thanks. L.H.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Starting by Quabit, tell him that right now we have the title in full resistance zone. Let's say that, as long as the price does not tell us otherwise, we are facing a simple ‘pull back’ to the first of the resistance zones (before support) and little else. But it is true that, if it manages to overcome the current resistance zone, it is likely that it will end up looking for the important resistance zone that it presents in the bearish guideline: now at approximately 1.43-1.45 euros. That's where the first real resistance zone is, in the bearish guideline. But right now we have him in resistance and within an impeccable downward or primary downward trend.

Quabit weekly chart since the end of 2014

As to Metrovacesa We are talking about a title that has risen 75% since the lows of 2019. And it has been braking dry in the bearish guideline that joins the declining highs since the end of 2018 (with three points of tangency). Personally it is not a title in which a server would invest, even if it managed to jump over the bearish guideline. Why? Because we are talking about a very narrow, illiquid value. Which means that if we do not know how to interpret the market depth, we run the risk of moving the title ourselves strongly, both upwards and downwards. In addition, despite the significant rebound in recent months it is still a bearish value today. Thanks to you, greetings.

Metrovacesa daily chart since May 2018

Good morning, José María. Do you see any roof on Grifols? I have a small package of shares at 25.30 euros and the truth is that I do not know whether to sell them or buy more. But since it never corrects, I'm afraid to do it. Thank you. C.G.

Dear investor, good afternoon. The only roof that presents Grifols At this time it is none other than the historical highs that recently scored at 33.10 euros. This level, as shown in the graph, corresponds roughly to the top of the long-term bullish channel. Below, on the side of the supports, the most immediate is found at 29.50 euros and below 26 euros. The only thing I do not like at all, in the short term, is that the stochastic weekly moment oscillator has clearly turned down and still has enough margin of fall if it decides to set course (as it seems likely) towards the area of oversold. In short, Grifols is bullish in terms of the long term, but in the short term it seems that it still has a margin of fall. Thanks to you, greetings.

Grifols weekly chart since mid 2014

Hello good day. I would like to know what you think about Alibaba. They say it is the Chinese Amazon and therefore its growth potential is even greater. But I see the graph and the climb it takes and it gives me vertigo. Can you tell me price levels where you can consider a purchase? I would like to know your opinion. Greetings. ACE.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Alibaba He is suffering his in the last sessions, like all Chinese values. Despite them, it remains an upward value as can be seen in the weekly long-term chart. A priori, an interesting level to get on the shopping train can be the basis of the potential long-term bullish channel, now in the vicinity of $ 180. Needless to say, if the current crisis over the coronavirus It is even more entrenched, the title may end up drilling important supports. But today and despite the latest falls we are talking about a bullish title. Greetings.

Alibaba weekly chart since mid 2015

Dear José María, first of all, thank you for your valuable advice. I would like to ask MoreMóvil. Do you think he will ever recover the historical highs he scored in the 26 euros? Although I earn a couple of euros is a title that in my opinion despairs anyone. Best regards. A.R.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Everything is possible, I do not discard it at all. In the end, MoreMobile It is bullish in terms of long term, which does not take away so that it has been moving laterally for two months. This Tuesday we analyze it for Bolsamanía (You can read it here). That said, let's see if it is able to respect the important support it presents in the area of ​​approx. 18.60 euros. Drilling it would be a clear sign of weakness that could take you back to the August lows, at 16 euros. Above, on the resistance side, we have the last decreasing maximum (20.08). Let's say that to be able to think of a rebound of a certain draft we need the title to be able to jump over the resistance it presents in this month's highs. Well, from that moment we can at least say that the title has built us a growing first maximum. Greetings.

Daily chart of MásMóvil since May

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