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The decision that WhatsApp continue without advertising does not ballast Facebook revenue


This Wednesday is D-Day for Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg's company will announce its annual results in the next few hours. The consensus of Wall Street analysts estimates that its revenues will increase by 23% to reach 20,880 million. In addition, a profit per share (BPA) of $ 2.52 is expected.

Advertising is the great ally of the social network and its income depends almost exclusively on it. Analysts who follow her in FactSet expect in 2019 represent 98.5% of your income.

However, long-term doubts arise. This is the first results that will be released after Zuckerberg's decision to cancel plans to introduce ads on WhatsApp. Some people find it difficult for their earnings to continue growing at a good pace if they do not reconsider their position.

If he stays in his thirteen he will have to look for new ways to earn money. One of the solutions goes through continue to accept political announcements, despite the controversies that this has generated in the past. He has been accused of having favored the coming to power of Donald Trump.

So far this year, Zuckerberg shares have risen a little more than 6% in the parquet, a growth that has been slowed down after registering a bad week last week. Has chained five consecutive days in red. You have to go back until mid-July 2019 to find an equal period of bassist and until May of the same year to find a worse one. But this Tuesday Facebook has ended the bearish streak and closed with an increase of 1.5% –


Facebook is not the only American company that will go through the confessional in the next few hours, so will Microsoft. The consensus of analysts expects to obtain an income of 35.670 million dollars and a earnings per share of $ 1.32.

Technology accounts are accompanied by some chaos. Only a few weeks ago that announced the death of Windows 7 When deciding to stop offering support beyond January 14. However, due to an error caused by the previous update they have been forced to update it one last time.

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