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Coronavirus deaths rise to 170 | TIME ONLINE


The number of infections and deaths from China's lung disease has increased again. As reported by the Chinese health authority on Thursday, the total number of deaths rose from 38 to 170. The number of confirmed sufferers rose to 7,711 cases in China. After Tibet also reported the first disease with the new corona virus, infections have now been detected in all regions and provinces of China.

France also reported another infection. The fifth illness in the country is the daughter of the 80-year-old tourist from China, who is also ill, said the French Ministry of Health. The condition of the 80-year-old is serious, the man will continue to be treated in a Paris hospital. In addition, the condition of another infected about 30-year-old who has been treated since the end of last week has deteriorated. Around 50 coronavirus infections outside of China are currently confirmed. Experts believe that the pathogen can have an incubation period of up to two weeks before symptoms appear.

Evacuated citizens of other countries are rigorously tested

Many countries, including Germany, are continuing to work to fly their citizens out of the particularly affected city of Wuhan in central China. In Japan, the second charter plane with 210 compatriots returned from Wuhan on Thursday. The day before, 206 Japanese had been brought home. The USA had also flown out around 200 citizens on Wednesday.

Japan and the USA test their evacuated citizens strictly for the corona virus. There were three people infected with the virus on the first plane to Tokyo, although two of the three would show no symptoms. On a second machine from China to Japan, nine people showed symptoms such as fever or cough.

195 people from Wuhan landed in the United States, including mainly US diplomats and their families. These were under voluntary quarantine for 72 hours, said Dr. Christopher Braden, deputy director of the CDC National Center for Infectious Diseases. According to official information, none of the American citizens show symptoms, but one person has been refused exit from the sealed-off city of Wuhan due to fever. So far, five cases of coronavirus have been diagnosed in the United States, Braden said.

It was still unclear on Thursday when exactly a Bundeswehr plane would take off to bring Germans out of Wuhan. So far, no infections or suspected cases have been identified among the approximately 90 Germans and relatives who are in the region around the city of Wuhan. The Bundeswehr plane is scheduled to land in Frankfurt. There, the passengers should first be put in quarantine.

Strong impact on the economy

After British Airways and Lufthansa, more and more cancel
Airlines discontinue their flights to China. Also the
Spanish airline Iberia will initially cut everyone from Friday
Connections to and from China. The airline usually offers three
Weekly flights between Madrid and Shanghai.

China's economic growth is likely to slow down due to the new corona virus
The Federal Reserve's view is somewhat lower. It was too early
accurately predict the impact but a "certain disruption"
of economic life in the short term is very likely, said
 Central bank chief Jerome Powell. Weaker growth in China, the
second largest economy in the world, would also be felt in the United States,
but very limited, said Powell. According to the current would be affected
China and its neighboring countries are probably the most knowledgeable.

In view of the rapid spread of the new corona virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) has convened the Emergency Committee again this Thursday.

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