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Liberbank: a simple 'pull back' and little else


Liberbank is probably, along with Bankia, the weakest securities in our financial sector. The title still does not present the slightest sign of strength in its price structure.

Technical analysis

Short term

Medium term

Long term

If I remember correctly we are commenting on Liberbank The same for months. That it is an impeccably bearish title in terms of medium and long term. But in the short-term rebound (reaction) phase. And nothing more. In fact, we can see how the rebound to the area of ​​approximately 0.35 euros corresponds to a 'pull back' to the new resistance zone, before support, which links the old decreasing lows of October 2018 and June 2019. It has been touching this resistance zone and since turning down with maximum precision. Not to mention the important resistance zone that it presents in the bearish guideline that unites each and every successive maximum decreasing since April 2017. In short, a simple manual 'pull back'. Below, the most relevant support is found in the historical lows: 0.2674 euros.

Liberbank weekly chart since early 2016

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