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Puigdemont forces Torra not to call elections to rearm his strategy


When it was taken for granted that Catalonia would go to the polls imminently, Quim Torra has decided to prolong the zombie legislature and announced elections without a call or date. But the president of the Generalitat cannot attribute the merit of tacticism with which he has reacted to the nth crisis opened with ERC after his disqualification as a deputy on Monday. Various sources suggest that his commitment was to dissolve the Government but the pressures of Junts per Catalunya and the Catalan expresident, Carles Puigdemont, have forced him to throw the ball forward a few more months.

The last thing the junteros wanted was to face some elections now because “They know that their voting expectations would not exceed those of ERC,” a member of the Parliament explains to Bolsamanía. In addition, the platform led by the MEP based in Belgium believes that the precipitation with which Torra intended to act would subtract at the polls, at a time when the polls predict a significant loss of support for the party. To this is added that JxCat does not even have a presidential candidate to present, being Puigdemont himself the only wild card.

On the other hand, the elections they sent to the bin the first budget project of the Generalitat that in almost four years it has signs of prospering. And if the Government parties agree on something right now, it is that the priority passes because the accounts go ahead. A factor that both ERC and JxCat believes can win support for their parties in the elections that are now a certainty.

In the hours before his appearance from the Generalitat, the neo-convergent consellers and deputies presented all these questions to Torra, whose mood was very bitter. In his opinion, what was experienced at the beginning of the week in the Parliament, in addition to humiliation, was the straw that filled the vessel with constant disagreements with con Esquerra ’. “The division had become public, notorious and strong”, comment to Bolsamanía from the parliamentary environment, after the Oriol Junqueras party refused to disobey and abide by the decision of the Supreme Court and the Central Electoral Board (JEC). Torra had had enough of the disloyalty of the Republicans who did not close ranks with him and supported him to keep the seat.

The president did not want to continue with a legislature that gave up by the side of some uncomfortable partners and other scenarios were valued, such as a Government renovation, expelling the consellers of ERC or a change of chairs only in the vice-presidency, where Pere Aragonès would be relieved and would become occupied by a juntero. But Puigdemont ended up imposing his hand, despite Torra, and forced him to comply with the script marked: he would continue to lead the Catalan Executive until his total disqualification.

As a prize, the president escaped from Spanish Justice praised the performance of the Catalan Executive leader: "He has been the president of the whole country, looking beyond personal and personal interests, with responsibility and loyalty." He stressed that "there are decisions that are not easy and that they just understood each other when perspective is taken".

Only when there is one final judgment of the Supreme Court On the sentence of one and a half years of public functions issued in December by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) for disobedience, he will be completely unable to perform his duties. This was the horizon with which the Catalan parties made their electoral cabals before the president declared the legislature over.

A scenario that has not changed, so some analysts consider Torra's speech a “paripé” to allow him to maintain his dignity while fulfilling the mission entrusted to him by Puigdemont: budgets, face dialogue with the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez , and most importantly, do not let ERC dominate the political story in Catalonia.


Republicans, meanwhile, have decided to face the crisis without making too much noise. The party has assured in a statement that respect Torra's decision which on Wednesday announced that it will call elections in Catalonia. In addition, he has argued that the Negotiating Table with the State must be launched and "activate the political path".

In this paper, ERC emphasizes that it shares "the main conclusions of the appearance of President Torra", while applauding the intention to meet with the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, on February 6 in Barcelona.


The summit between presidents is one of the first milestones, but the only one of the objectives set that links Torra to his position is the draft accounts that have the majority enough to secure the endorsement of the House, since the commons reached a agreement with the Ministry of Economy led by the Republicans to move them forward.

However, the Budgets have to go through the parliamentary process that will last for two months, that is, The debate and the final vote is scheduled for April. It will be then when the president signs the decree that summons the elections and dissolves the Parliament, and the date of the elections must be fixed 54 days after the publication of said decree according to the Organic Law of the General Electoral Regime (Loreg).

"It is essential to give the floor again to the citizens to renew the political mandate of December 21, 2017. I want a country that respects a principle of democratic radicalism, where governments and parliaments function based on majorities and trusts, and that when these do not always have siena the citizens who decide the new majorities and renewed trusts ", Torra has reasoned.

He stressed that the president will choose the date on which he signs the decree seeking the best for Catalonia with elections that have to serve "to redo the democratic mandate of a country that wants democracy, justice and freedom."

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