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Shell falls 4% after earning 23% less for oil bleeding


The Dutch oil colossus, Royal Dutch Shell, they have fallen 4.06% after earning 23% less in 2019. The company attributes it to lower oil prices, which, in turn, are due to fear of a global economic recession and the geopolitical tensions that put in check Your supply and demand.

In total, Shell's net profit during 2019 amounted to 16,462 million dollars compared to 21,404 million the previous year. Analysts forecast earnings of 17.770 million.

"If we want to keep our promises, for example, that of the 25,000 million share repurchase, the macro conditions will clearly condition us," said the CEO of the group, Ben van Beurden. "Our intentions remain the same," he added.

And oil continues to check the companies that live on it. Both Brent and West Texas are setting minimums of months ago.

The coronavirus has been added to the macro concern and tension in the Middle East. This pandemic especially threatens China, the world's largest buyer of crude oil. It remains to be seen the accounts of two other large oil companies, BP and Total, which will be confessed to the market over the next week.


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