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Siemens Gamesa does its thing again: it collapses at the doors of key resistors


He who invests in Siemens Gamesa is already more than accustomed to that, almost whenever he reveals his results, the title collapses or skyrockets. There is no middle ground.

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Medium term

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We already know that Siemens Gamesa It is not an easy title. Quite the opposite. And when we publish results we know that the next day we have + -10% in many cases. And this time he has had to fall hard. Although it would not be the first time that after a strongly bearish opening it closes flat and even in green. Siemens Gamesa, for good and for bad, is like that. That said, what we have is a strong correction after the 'profit warning'the company announced last night. This has led him to leave 11% as soon as the title is opened and from there, little by little, he seems to want to recover positions. What is clear from the point of view of the technical analysis is that the correction, although violent, fits within the normal parameters. Well, last November he was trading at 11 euros and from there he has not stopped climbing to 16 euros. Therefore, it would be said that the proportional correction / adjustment fits within the normal range. Violent, yes. The zone of the 16-16.05 euros It is where numerous levels of resistance come together and it is the level to watch for the next weeks / months. Only closing for clarity above we will have a bullish escape in the title.

Siemens Gamesa daily chart since the end of 2018


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