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It was a surprise like that
series Bad banks 2018 from the temptations and intrigues of Frankfurt
The financial world told – with visual power, with speed, with finely drawn
Characters. The story of the screenwriter Oliver Kienle after an idea
by Lisa Blumenberg, co-produced by Arte and the ZDF, got a lot
Applause from critics and viewers alike. The six episodes about lying and cheating at
The country 's largest money house, the fictional Deutsche Global Invest, was created in
Sold to dozens of countries, much like Babylon Berlin, They were considered
Example of a new German series culture: See, we public service broadcaster
can do that too.

Bad banks awarded the
hitherto optionally described as boring or slick stereotype of
Investment bankers suddenly have many faces, many facets. There was Jana Liekam (played by Paula Beer), a young woman who absolutely needs a career
wants to do without being able to say exactly why. Your colleague Adam
(Albrecht Schuch), for whom banking is just another form of extreme sport.
The Luxembourg investment banker Christelle Leblanc (Désirée Nosbusch), a woman in her mid-50s, who in her struggle to survive in a man’s world,
seems to know no limits. And the player type Gabriël Fenger (Barry Atsma), for whom the
Speculation about money is more of a fun. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, hey,
that's the name of the game.

The strength of the first season,
shot by Christian Schwochow (The tower, German lesson) was that they were bankers as people
showed, with all their mistakes, their constraints, their desire for recognition,
their secret desires, their abysses, their contradictions. The
Protagonists of Bad banks – we were. Only they are bigger apartments
had expensive clothes and spoke in their financial jargon. The world
of course the money came along and was in this
Casualness palpable. The money itself, as well as the pursuit of it, proved
almost none of the figures act as the driving force. Winning served
only confirmation, recognition.

Much of it goes in the second
Season, shot by Christian Zübert (Lambbuck, three-quarter moon), lost. It continues for six months
the rescue of Deutsche Global Invest by the German government
on. Frankfurt am Main was facing the impending bankruptcy
Shortly before the street fight, the situation has changed
stabilized. Leblanc who always likes her hair, her costumes, her coats
wears a tank, wants to board. In doing so, it primarily targets the
power-conscious Quirin Sydow (Tobias Moretti), who is still on top
Management committee of the bank sits. The personal comes the business: there
is bet against its own customer, it tries to scrap paper
to bring it to people. So far, so realistic.

Meanwhile, Jana goes out into the world
the fintechs. These are those small, agile startups that have been around for several years
want to chase away their customers from the large, established financial institutions. You advertise
sometimes with good ideas and even better apps, sometimes with the promise to raise money
ethical, sustainable way to increase. Just like GreenWallet, which – of course – in
sits in a Berlin backyard and by free spirits with tattoos and piercings
is pulled up. Some of these scenes are somewhat demonstrative, for example
when reading a book on blockchain and juggling with typical terms from the world of digitization, like disruption. agile or scrum, Then remembered Bad banks suddenly back to a conventional one
public service series that has to explain everything.

The financial rebels show
is less enthusiastic than the emissaries of high finance in their fine
Show up clothes. But Jana prevails and brings the troop into it
your bank's new center of excellence, the so-called incubator, which is a bit
looks like a space station in Starwars,

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