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Berlin removes Paul von Hindenburg from the list of honorary citizens TIME ONLINE


Berlin has revoked honorary citizenship from former President Paul von Hindenburg. The House of Representatives decided this with the majority of the government groups of red-red-green.

Regina Kittler (left) justified the decision with the fact that Hindenburg had appointed Adolf Hitler as Chancellor on January 30, 1933. He had helped to destroy democracy in Germany and to pave the way for the dictatorship. "The time we live in again requires a rise for democracy," said Kittler. "That includes the consistent conviction of perpetrators. And Hindenburg was the perpetrator."

Robbin Juhnke from the CDU rejected this "ahistorical view" of Hindenburg. Hindenburg was twice elected President of the Reich, the second time with the support of the SPD. Although he is a historically controversial figure, it is wrong to deny him honorary citizenship.

Hindenburg had become an honorary citizen of Berlin on April 20, 1933, on the same day as Adolf Hitler. Honorary citizenship was withdrawn from the Nazi dictator in December 1948.

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