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Binance.US could be testing the Ripple ODL by sending XRP to Mexico and Japan


Some in the cryptocurrency community have concluded that Binance.US is testing the Ripple ODL payment broker, sending XRP to Mexico and Japan, but there is still no official confirmation from CZ.

Binance and Ripple are two companies that have expanded aggressively lately. In September 2019, Binance banned all US users. Trade on your platform. Instead, he created a branch in North America: Binance.US.

Ripple and its partner MoneyGram have been actively increasing the number of brokers to send XRP, based on the ODL – Liquidity on demand platform.

There are already several corridors in full operation, but now it seems that Binance.US is testing two more: another corridor for Mexico and a new one for Japan.

In a recent tweet, startup investor and cryptocurrency fan Eric Dadoun stated that Binance could be testing the ODL platform. It is too early to confirm, he writes, however, Dadoun pointed out that a partnership between Ripple and Binance would be obvious, as both seek expansion in the cryptocurrency market.

Another Twitter account dedicated to XRP @tenitoshi, which often publishes data in Ripple and XRP, has also published a publication on possible Binance.US pilot payments using ODL.

The first is between Binance.US and the Mexican crypto exchange Bitso (which is also a partner of Ripple and MoneyGram, exchanges XRP paired with MXN). The second is between Binance.US and Japanese Bitbank (exchanging XRP against JPN).

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