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Bionatur: 'calambrazo' in the bearish guideline


Bionatur titles accumulate a 20% drop in the week. The price has turned down with violence after trying to attack last week (without success) the bearish guideline.

Technical analysis

Short term

Medium term

Long term

Bionatur It is a bearish title in terms of long term. Just look at what price level was quoted in 2014 (around 13 euros) to easily reach this conclusion. And if we focus on the evolution of the company in the last two years we can see an impeccable resistance zone in the bearish guideline that unites each and every one of the decreasing highs since the end of 2017. Straight resistance that presents four impeccable points of tangency, hence we can speak of a full-blown bearish guideline. Well, last week the title seemed to want to attack this guideline and what has happened is that this week the price turned violently downward and with a clear increase in volume. Definitely the guideline has acted as resistance and the downward reaction has not been expected: -20% in the accumulated of the week. At this point we are going to look at the supports presented at this time, the 2019 lows at 1.58 euros and the historical lows at 1.40 euros.

Bionatur weekly chart since April 2015

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