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Brexit in British Newspapers: Caused | TIME ONLINE


In Great Britain is the
The tabloid press is still powerful, even if its circulation is slowly but steadily
decline. Tabloids are predominantly among the most widely distributed newspapers. The Times ranked tenth in November 2019, the Guardian only
in 19th place

For many years, long before
United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum, put titles like Daily Mail.
Sun and Daily Express the European Union as Britain's enemy – a distant, undemocratic power that wants to subjugate the British. The EU Commission office in London therefore even has its own website,
to expose the repetitive myths and lies.

Unsurprisingly, the tabloids continued in the more than three years
Have been involved in the fight for Brexit. Even before the referendum in 2016, but also afterwards
made mood against the EU with the refugee crisis. Times
the EU wanted to seize the British pensions, sometimes the British
Tax revenue in jeopardy or the EU wanted the coasts of the country below theirs
Bring control. Those who spoke out against Brexit or made decisions that delayed it were often caricatured as traitors to the people.

ZEIT ONLINE has analyzed the covers of the most widely read British newspapers. For this we have around 45,000 newspaper covers from the database Paperboy and #TomorrowspapersToday
compiled on Twitter, automatically pre-filtered and then
handpicked. We show the 2,393 covers, which we assign to Brexit

It is unclear how the media ultimately influenced the outcome of the Brexit referendum and the course of the political debate in Great Britain. But
who the division of the country and the partially poisoned political climate in
Great Britain wants to understand better, even the British
Reading the tabloid press.


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