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Less bureaucracy for transport projects in the future TIME ONLINE


The transport infrastructure in Germany should be renewed faster in the future – through simpler planning and approval procedures. Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) had submitted two bills, which are now from Bundestag have been passed. Among other things, the procedures for new replacement buildings for road and rail are to be streamlined and investments in the rail network are to be accelerated by relieving the burden on local authorities.

"The money for large, environmentally friendly transport projects is there, but implementation is taking too long," he said barn his legislative initiative and criticized that "planning and permits would take ten or more years". "With these two laws, we will be faster – and take environmental issues seriously." Large projects should move from the "lane to the acceleration lane".

Faster – but also lawful?

Environmental groups criticized the changes. Leif Miller, Federal Managing Director of the German Nature Conservation Association, spoke of an "attack on the rule of law" because legal claims and the legal protection of associations and citizens, for example in the enforcement of species protection agreements, would be undermined. Also the chairman of the federal government for environment and
Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND), Olaf Bandt, criticized "undermining the rule of law". The German environmental aid, the ecologically oriented traffic club Germany VCD and
 the German nature protection ring.

The construction industry, however, welcomed the vote of the Bundestag. According to Felix Pakleppa, general manager of the
Central Association of the German Construction Industry, include "lengthy
Planning and approval procedures are still one of the biggest obstacles to being efficient, quick and affordable
to build ". The fact that remedial measures are being taken here is also supported by the railways and railways
Transport union (EVG). So you can "in infrastructure faster
Bring order, "said EVG chairman Torsten Westphal.

The Bundestag itself should approve certain projects

What is new is that the Bundestag will in future be allowed to authorize certain transport projects by law. Scheuer hopes that this will result in greater acceptance among citizens. The provisions of this so-called Measures Act Preparation Act apply to eight rail and five waterway projects, including the expansion of the railway line from Munich via Mühldorf to Freilassing or the deepening of the Kiel Canal.

The draft law for "further acceleration of planning and approval procedures in the transport sector" also stipulates that, for example, a bridge, for which the new building does not change significantly, no longer necessarily has to undergo a complex approval procedure. In addition, the municipalities should be relieved when railway tracks cross with a municipal road. So far, they have borne one third of the costs with the federal government and the railways. In future, the federal government will bear half, the railways a third and the country where the intersection is located, a sixth of the costs.

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