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It starts off dramatically in that Crime scene: war in the head (NDR editorial team: Christian Granderath, Patrick Poch). Charlotte Lindholm (Maria Furtwängler) with knife on the neck and Anaïs Schmitz (Florence Kasumba) with
Gun in hand. Schmitz aims at the man who has the knife on his neck
Lindholm holds: Benno Vegener (Matthias Lier). And because Schmitz pulls the trigger
Vegener is dead to save Lindholm.

Matthias Dell has been writing weekly about "Tatort" and "Polizeiruf 110" since 2010. On ZEIT ONLINE since 2016 in the column "The autopsy report".
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You have to get along with it first and actually tell it
the superior (Luc Feit) in the area something of "internal", the
are on the way. But then Lindholm and Schmitz are back
disappeared to the Vegener apartment, where the Vegener woman was dead in the bathtub
lies – the corpse, the one crime scene
to get started. Whether the two commissioners are still good for investigating
are suitable after all the excitement at the beginning, is a question that the
Hanoverian episode, which makes a stop in Göttingen, itself. The
The reasons that are found are unfortunately poor.

"If I solve the case, it's the best
Therapy, "says Schmitz, for example. But the commissioner is constantly in
Scenes shown that tend to shake the belief in this assertion. She has to
free your head in the club, without knowing Nick (Daniel Donskoy)
say. Or even to explain that the next day, of which difficult
digestible images she is currently haunted. One should think
a relationship could be there just for that – take the ballast off your soul
to talk. You are not in it.

The shirt-sleeved kind of War in the headto traumatize the Commissioners on the one hand,
on the other hand, it is in some ways a good idea to ask for information. Because this one crime scene wants to turn the big wheel, takes
narrative but loud abbreviations (script: Christian Jeltsch, director: Jobst Christian Oetzmann).

Ultimately, the story of a giant mess on the
Trace: Ex-soldiers like Vegener are not only finished with them for this reason
Nerve because they survived a mission in Mali in which comrades died
Lives came. But because their thoughts are influenced by an armaments company via microwaves and other rays and are thus driven into suicide. The research goes back to
the Nazis and secret machinations in the Cold War.

So to distract from the company's debt,
whose new super helmets have failed in Mali. Steven Scharf is playing
the soothing employee of the Military Shield Service, whose name
Alfred Neumann funny with a view to the abbreviation (MAD)
is. And he does so with a reluctance and accuracy that suggests what
the actor can who in Magdeburg sometimes the mediator and lover
by Commissioner Brasch

was allowed to give. Hendrik Heutmann, too, as CEO rather against the guy
occupied, takes his figure back instead of delivering it to the cartoon.

Then there are scenes that quickly come together
stopped children's film come along. Like the research professor Bloch (Joachim Bißmeier) in the old people's home of the armaments company, the newspaper suitably
verkehrtherum reads to the commissioners on an absurd walk
("Clear processes, clear thoughts") with information about the entire mind control research
to talk – just so that the viewer has been to the park before, in
which the professor can later be knocked out of the rays while sitting.

Or like the still active research professor Leyh (Victoria
Trautmannsdorff) from the remote-controlled radiation shooters in the windscreen of the
University is trapped and microwaved so it doesn't
but can switch to the bright side of the power struggle – that's all
Recordings of which one – similar to for video conference calls in
Thomas Gottschalks and Günther Jauch's home
– wished she never had to see her. Maybe you have to War in the head also in five or ten
Years to look again to see if the trash that this crime scene is then its own charm

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