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A Ripple developer submitted a proposal to make XRP transactions anonymous


Some days ago, Nikolaos Bougalis, head of the C ++ development team at Ripple, introduced a proposal for make XRP transactions anonymous.

As is known, Ripple transactions use tags to retrieve all the ledger related information to track all previous transactions involving that address. Obviously this implies the fact that it is also possible to track the various movements of XRP tokens and how they will be used in the future, a bit like Bitcoin's blockchain.

With Ripple, even if the destination tag has over 4 billion combinations, it's always possible, as long as it takes considerable effort, trace the entire transaction to the starting address and then trace it back to the same person who used that address.

And this is where Bougalis' proposal for hide XRP tags and making it much more difficult to track the various movements of the transaction, which increases the privacy of this blockchain.

Bougalis himself points out that, simple and feasible the concept is, it will always be necessary to deal with those who make massive use of Ripple transactions, that is, exchanges.

These platforms would have a difficult time implementing a system that could be complementary with dark labels and allow clients to execute transactions using this system.

Many users appreciated this proposal, publishing Positive feedback on the developer's message.

Among other things, it is worth mentioning that many other blockchains have been deciding in recent months to integrate systems designed to make privacy a key point in their development, think about Zcash (ZEC) or Tezos (XTZ) and recently also in Ethereum (ETH) with the solution proposed by Tornado Cash.

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