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Sánchez announces that the hibernation of the economy will end on April 9


Pedro Sánchez has announced this Saturday that the hibernation of the economy It will end on April 9. Therefore, in a week the companies that were forced to stop with the tightening of the confinement that was approved in the Council of Ministers last Sunday will return to activity.

The Prime Minister explained in a press conference from La Moncloa that "the exceptional measures will not be extended beyond April 9." In other words, sectors such as construction or industry They will work again after Easter.

The Executive decreed a recoverable paid leave which will last for two weeks from last Monday, the 27th. "It was necessary to contribute to the control of the epidemic according to the opinions of all experts," Sánchez said. However, once past Easter, "the state of alarm will continue as it was without the exceptional measures."

With this measure, an attempt is made to alleviate the blow suffered by the Spanish economy due to the coronavirus crisis. The total recovery of the activity will be progressively and the President has already asked to emulate the "Pacts of the Moncloa" that were carried out during the Transition to reactivate the economy. For this reason, he has urged the unity of political forces at the "historical crossroads" in which the country finds itself.


Although part of the activity recovers, the alarm state will last until April 26, if this is approved next Thursday in the Congress of Deputies. Sánchez has made this decision after meeting this Saturday morning with the committee of experts, with the intention of getting the contagion curve to finish stabilizing. This is the second extension of this exceptional period since it was first decreed on March 15 and will not be the last.

The president has asked citizens for two more weeks of effort and sacrifice because "we are very close to turning the curve." This goal is getting closer, although when it is achieved, the return to normal will be carried out progressively. "When the descent of the contagion curve begins, we will not be able to relax our attention for a moment."

The Government is already working on a plan to gradually return to normal when the period of confinement ends, at the same time that virus is kept at bay. "The end point of the pandemic will only come with a vaccine, which unfortunately is going to take a few months yet," said the president. Until then, measures will be put in place to prevent infections from spiking again.


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