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The providers of the Dark Web have been selling masks and tests for the COVID-19 charging in Bitcoin (BTC)


As the coronavirus pandemic deepens, Dark Web vendors don't hesitate to switch gears.

According to new research by blockchain firm Elliptic, markets in the darkest corners of the internet now offer face masks and other coronavirus-related items alongside drugs and firearms.

This is what is in the store

In stark contrast to retailers increasing prices on Amazon and eBay, which charge up to $ 10 for an N95 mask, Dark Web vendors offer this fashion product for only $ 1.75.

Tapabocas Market on Dark Web
image by elliptic.co

COVID-19 testing is in high demand as of now due to limited testing capabilities in most countries. Illegal markets are trying to capitalize on this by selling a single kit for $ 92 each.

There also appears to be a demand for dubious coronavirus cures with very brief descriptions.

Beware of scammers

Those who are tempted by attractive tags should exercise caution as the Dark Web is chock full of scammers. Therefore, there is no guarantee that you will end up receiving your order.

As recently reported, British police issued a warning about scammers selling nonexistent face masks to exploit the hysteria surrounding the deadly virus.

Other bad actors pose as the World Health Organization (WHO) and attack hospitals with ransomware.

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