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John McAfee has announced the creation of a new privacy cryptocurrency called Ghost


The influential John McAfee He has posted a new tweet about a new project of his, a privacy coin called Ghost.

The message is eloquent and illustrates a cryptocurrency that protects anonymity using a PoS (Proof of Stake) model, which contrasts with Monero's PoW.

The currency is available in your decentralized exchange (DEX) released in October 2019.

Thanks to this platform, Ghost will be able to trade with the main cryptocurrencies combining decentralization and anonymity thanks to this new implementation with a strong privacy model.

He website Explains key PoS concepts such as decentralization, the ability to have fast transactions (to run in less than 60 seconds), and the presence of validators called masternodes.

The technical document will be published on May 15, so in a month, while Ghost tokens can be requested by whoever is already in possession of Switch (IT'S H). On May 25 it will be possible to start the claim phase, which will represent 25% of the total supply, while the remaining 75% will be used as a reward for the Proof of Participation.

This tweet shows how the privacy issue and the PoS (Proof of Participation) protocol are the core elements that each blockchain is trying to implement: for example, also Cardano (ADA) or Zilliqa (ZIL) and of course also Ethereum (ETH), which shows how the anonymity of transactions seems like a winning model, as evidenced by the data and records marked by the blockchain EOS.

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