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"I prefer to be called the founder of Cardano and not a co-founder of ETH"


Charles Hoskinson claimed on Twitter that the project to which he has devoted the most effort and passion throughout his life is Cardano, for which he hopes to be recognized by the cryptocurrency media as the founder of this project, before any other, including Ethereum.

Hoskinson doesn't like it when the media talks about him as the "ETH Co-Founder" just to make the articles more authoritative, paying no attention to other work he's been doing even more.

2020 promises to be a year of many innovations for the Cardano blockchain, as many projects (most of which have been going on for years) will be implemented by the IOHK team, founded by Hoskinson and in charge of Cardano's development.

Currently, ADA is at position 13 on the coinmarketcap list, despite having been in the top 5 at some point, something that seems not to matter to Charles, who is very confident in the trillion-dollar increase that cryptocurrencies will possibly have throughout of the years, which could allow Cardano to return to the top of the best cryptocurrencies in the world, who knows if he can even surpass his older brother Ethereum.

“Regulations are being established so that institutional investors can finally put money into our industry, generating billions of dollars in new investments… And I think we are better positioned to capture most of it in the long term. Now, whether that happens in five years, 10 years, 15 years, many things could happen to speed up or slow down our entire movement. ”

On the other hand, Cardano has a better and more experienced research team than Ethereum, according to Hoskinson, who said in an interview that decisions made regarding the Ethereum project move more in step with its founder Vitalik Buterin and not according to a specific road map.

"When we talk about research, when we talk about delivering a product to the market, these are things that require experience."

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