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Everything you need to know about the innovative PRIMEXBT platform


Are you passionate about financial markets to invest? The demand for an investment platform that can encompass the different investment markets has driven the creation of smart platforms that offer the user the best of an exchange and the best of a broker.

Do you want to leverage your cryptocurrency investment and benefit from market movement in any direction?

This is the case of PrimeXBT, a digital asset trading platform that has taken online investments to the next level through an intuitive and operator friendly interface.

What is PrimeXBT?

It is a cryptocurrency exchange that is shaped by the merger with the stock markets and is characterized by offering the leverage option typical of the last mentioned.

Founded in 2018, it has presented exponential growth to position itself today as one of the most complete and diverse trading platforms that exist for the exchange of digital assets. Its hybrid nature offers the user the option to trade in more than 30 different assets, including cryptocurrencies, stock indices, currencies (forex) and commodities.


PrimeXBT has been characterized by being competitive in terms of the low commissions they offer their users. Below are the commission percentages for assets.

  • 0.05% for cryptocurrencies.
  • 0.01% for indices and raw materials.
  • 0.001% for Forex currency pairs

It should be noted that the minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC and the commission to withdraw is 0.0005 BTC.

What is leverage on and what benefits does it offer?

It is one of the main hallmarks of the platform as it was originally a cryptocurrency exchange; This option allows the user to obtain higher percentage earnings than they could achieve with their real investment capital.

And it can be run on any of the existing assets on the platform including cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, among others.

Leverage for each asset

  • Cryptocurrencies. 1: 100x
  • Forex, stock indices. 1: 500x
  • Commodities. 1: 1000x

How does leverage on PrimeXBT work?

Suppose you only have $ 5,000 of capital but you want to increase your exposure and you want to have 10 Bitcoin (10x) valued at $ 5,000. For this, the platform gives you a loan of 9 Bitcoin, that is, $ 45,000.

Now: You enter the operation with a base price of $ 5,000 for each one having 10 Bitcoin, that is, $ 50,000, looking for a profit of 10%. When the price reaches $ 5,500 which is 10% of profitability, you would be earning a total of $ 5,000 thanks to the power of the leverage it offers you PrimeXBT.

Your actual capital is now $ 10,000.

The main benefit of leverage is to generate exponential profits with only a fraction of your capital.


It is a bitcoin-based trading section that allows users to generate profits quickly since trades can be executed in 30 sec, 5min, 10min and 15 min respectively. This gives the platform an incredible appeal since short investors can operate precisely.

Trades are executed upwards or downwards and offers you the ability to increase your capital much faster. The procedure is simple and allows effective monitoring of market fluctuations in real time. However, this tool must be operated with the utmost responsibility because it is a double-edged sword if you do not have the maximum understanding of the market in short periods.

PrimeXBT Turbo Demo Account

Another uniqueness that this platform offers is to provide 1 Bitcoin to all new users who want to experience the sensation of entering the market and thus test their skills in the short term. So you can be much more familiar with the procedure before investing your real money, try it for free without risks and develop your trading skills.

Interface usability

The PrimeXBT team has worked intensively on its interface to offer the user a unique experience in which operations can be executed in a practical and efficient manner. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you can customize the widgets of your choice and the interface design to carry out your operations.

A fairly extensive number of tools are offered to facilitate the usability of this 100% dynamic and innovative platform. For example, it can show you several graphics on the same screen so that you do not need to have multiple monitors connected to your pc.


  • You can customize the platform.
  • It has a graphics system and professional tools with more than 50 technical indicators to carry out your own analyzes.
  • It offers an open trading space to keep track of all your active orders.
  • It has a secure wallet system, in which all your assets are kept offline and safe from any eventual threat.


PrimeXBT It has a complete cybersecurity system that guarantees the protection of users' assets in which constant monitoring is carried out to test the security of the system and thus avoid possible future failures.

Main features:

  • It has two-factor authentication provided by Google Authenticator to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Cold storage of assets with multi-signature technology.
  • Risk control for each order execution performance.
  • Regular tests and controls to detect possible failures.
  • SSL (HTTPS) to protect traffic to the web.
  • All passwords have cryptographic hash functions.

It should be noted that everything is hosted on amazon web services (AWS).

Digital wallet security:

Most of the assets remain in a cold wallet without (internet connection) and only a small part is in the wallet of the website. Multi-signature access is used to offer more security against possible attacks.

To end

PrimeXBT undoubtedly offers you a wide range of options for making your investments online. The amount of assets you can find in this friendly ecosystem and the leverage options and short trading method called TURBO are presented as great hallmarks for this innovative digital asset exchange.

Join and start developing your potential as a trader.

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