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Lyft shoots 15% after exceeding forecasts with its income despite the virus


Lyft, main rival of Uber in the United States, it shoots up 15% in the Wall Street 'after hours' market, after exceeding forecasts with its quarterly income despite the impact of Covid-19.

Lyft has published a loss per share of $ 1.31, a figure that has been greater than the loss of $ 0.62 anticipated by the consensus. However, the revenue of $ 955.7 million They have exceeded the 893 million forecast by analysts.

In any case, Lyft has continued to increase its quarterly losses, as has raised its 'red numbers' to $ 398 million from the 356 million lost in the fourth quarter.

However, investors have appreciated that has increased its driver base by 3%, up to 21.2 million, compared to the same period of the previous year, despite the negative effect of the pandemic. Additionally, active driver income has increased by 19%, until $ 45.06.

"While the Covid-19 pandemic represents a formidable challenge to our business, we are prepared to overcome this crisis"he commented Logan Green, co-founder and CEO of Lyft.

"We are responding to the pandemic with a aggressive cost reduction plan that will give us an even more agile structure of expenses and will allow us to come out stronger. Our competitive resistance and our commitment to our culture and values ​​will put Lyft in the best position to fulfill our mission to improve people's lives with the best transportation in the world, "he added.


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