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Traxalt's global blockchain-based payment network and its benefits


Blockchain technology has introduced many new cryptocurrencies that have revolutionized traditional global payment networks. Moving money in the same currency from point A to point B is not a hassle, either across borders or within borders. But things get stressful due to so many obvious reasons, like the incompatible operating structures of banks operating in two different countries, broker fees, etc. Modern financial technology company, Traxalt solves this problem with the blockchain-based payment network.

What is the Traxalt Blockchain-Based Global Payment Network?

Traxalt's global payment network, based on the Stellar blockchain protocol, is a decentralized payment system created for global organizations, committed to transparency of transactions in a stable and predictable public accounting infrastructure. The system facilitates the settlement and clearing of cross-border transactions on a single network. Traxalt also facilitates payment messages to achieve mutual harmony between two operators. This blockchain-based network ensures security while promoting low fees and faster, limitless transactions.

Benefits of the Traxalt solution

If you understand the basic structure of a blockchain, you will probably see how a global blockchain-based payment network is useful. Below are the key elements that describe why the Traxalt solution is what the monetary system needs and how it will collectively benefit the entire industry:

– One of the significant values ​​that Traxalt brings to the table is its ability to settle and delete transactions on a single network using the Stellar blockchain protocol. Once we know that all of these transactions are properly accounted for on the blockchain, we will have to worry less about paying the money owed, allowing us to focus on more critical tasks.

– The TXT token is the only digital currency running on the platform, but it is being discussed to integrate different currencies. This will allow the protocol to facilitate multi-currency transactions of various types. This means that different parts with different currencies from different regions will go through a perfect experience. Traxalt proposes a global payment network that handles all essential currencies.

– International payments take days to settle and there are fluctuating exchange rates that change daily. With the Traxalt network, it will take only a few minutes, if not seconds, for a transaction to process successfully. And when you save time, you save money, because time is money!

– We are currently living in an emergency where there is a great need for more inclusive payment processing methods. With Traxalt, there will be a more open financial infrastructure that will allow all underserved people around the world to become involved in the global economy. Traxalt is literally unlocking the ability of millions of people to transfer value without worrying about borders.

With the emergence of blockchain platforms, there has been a significant need to build an ecosystem around scalable solutions for business-level transactions. The Traxalt protocol will allow high-throughput transactions to be merged and anchored on the blockchain, and then reported and analyzed for commercial and commercial use.

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