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Ayuso: "Wait for people to go out into the street, the Núñez de Balboa thing will seem like a joke"


The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has blamed the PSOE and the measures established to face the Covid-19 pandemic of "weighing down the economy of the middle classes". In reference to the protests that have taken place in the Barrio de Salamanca during these days, Ayuso has warned that when people take to the streets, "what Núñez de Balboa will think is a joke."

In this way, Ayuso defends the residents of Núñez de Balboa, within the so-called 'golden mile' of the capital, who go out to demonstrate because "many of them are going to be ruined" at the cost of the government's policies. Pedro Sánchez, according to what the regional president said in the Madrid Assembly this Thursday.

This Wednesday for the fourth consecutive day, dozens of people will congregate in this area without keeping the required distance, to demand the resignation of Pedro Sánchez at the head of the Government for his management of the coronavirus pandemic to the cry of "freedom" and with a sound casserole.

This collective protest, according to the neighbors, arose after a group of young people gathered on Sunday in front of a house that had music playing at full volume, an incident that resulted in 13 people being identified and punished on Monday for breaching the royal alarm status decree.

After an alert from some neighbors annoyed with the protests, the Police appeared in Núñez de Balboa street at around 9:00 pm, where some "100 people" protested against the Government with the cry of freedom. "The Police, without repressive zeal, indicated that the measures were not being kept and that the Law was not being complied with, and 13 people were identified for the proposed sanction," he pointed out, specifying that those who refused to comply with the Police directions.


The Government Delegation in Madrid has assured that it will deploy a device on this street in the Salamanca neighborhood to enforce the law after thirteen residents were identified yesterday for a sanction proposal for skipping the obligation to maintain social distancing during the protest that occurred against the Government.

This was detailed in an intervention in the 'Cadena Ser', the government delegate in Madrid, José Manuel Franco, in which he indicated that one thing is "one thing is the saucepans that everyone has the right to demonstrate as they wish , but it is another thing to fail to comply with the measures of the state of alarm. We, through the Police, try to enforce the Law to keep the distance and that there are no crowds. "

He has warned that a device will be deployed to prevent breaches, stressing that "the Police ensure compliance with the Law, since Madrid is in phase 0". In addition, he recalled that the demonstrations must be authorized by the Government Delegation in Madrid and, in this case on Calle Núñez de Balboa, no one has communicated anything. "


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