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The Government blames the primary care in Madrid for not passing the phase


The official report of the Government explains what is the main reason why Madrid has not passed to phase 1: primary care which it considers not to be prepared for rapid and effective detection in the event of a regrowth in the Spanish capital.

The text, to which El País has had access, comes from being insistently claimed by the Community of Madrid itself. "It has made a significant effort compared to last week, however, it is necessary that its system be consolidated in the coming days for greater security and that its full capacity for detection, diagnosis, isolation and monitoring of confirmed cases and their contacts ”.

Thus, the Government demands from the capital a greater capacity of PCR, development and stabilization of the protocol. In addition, it denounces the lack of human resources for both virus control in the population and in residences. He then indicates that "although an effort has been made, it must be consolidated in a complex territorial area in mobility."

A regrowth can have even worse consequences in residences, being inhabited by populations at risk. "Numerous interventions have been carried out in residences but their activation and coordination mechanisms are not clearly stated," the report points out.

"According to the information provided, 20% of the residences are still not covered by the health care coordination systems developed during the epidemic ”, follow the text. "A comprehensive de-escalation plan is being developed with actions in different areas, although the actions implemented and those planned for the next phase are not specified, which is important for the control of possible risk situations," he adds.


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